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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> intellectual property, Hollywood style

But greed is eternal! My friend, Laura, who has written freelance and found
that if you refuse this clause, a publisher will sometimes drop it. You
probably already know this, but try it anyway if you're not desperate for
the work.



>Do you think that after the Net, memes, open source and other similar
>phenomenons/concepts/movements, the issues of copyright and intelectual
>property belong to the twentieth century?
>Not quite yet.
>The following comes from the contract recently offered to me by a Holywod
>Writer hereby agrees that the Works are considered a "work made for hire."
>As between Writer and Producer, the Works (including any ideas, written
>materials, and copyrights thereto) and all rights therein shall be the
>sole property of Producer, and Producer may publish, broadcast, exhibit,
>transmit, use and/or exploit the Works in whole or in part, in perpetuity,
>for any purpose, in any manner and through any media, whether now known or
>hereafter devised, throughout the world, in all languages, as Producer in
>its sole discretion shall determine.  Writer hereby acknowledges that none
>of the Works constitute a work of fine art, and hereby waives all moral
>rights, if any, associated with the Work.  Writer hereby irrevocably
>assigns and transfers to Producer all right, title and interest of every
>kind and character throughout the world and in perpetuity, in any and all
>languages, which Writer now has or may be deemed to have in the Works,
>including but not limited to any ideas, material, original works of
>authorship, and copyrights thereto, whether oral or in writing.  Writer
>hereby agrees to take, at all times hereafter, all action and sign and
>deliver all documents as Producer may reasonably request in order to vest
>or perfect in Producer all of such right, title and interest in the Works
>and to permit Producer to protect such intellectual property.  Writer
>hereby irrevocably designates and appoints Producer as Writer's agent and
>attorney-in-fact to take such action and sign such documents on behalf of
>Writer in order to vest and perfect such right, title and interest in the
>Works and to permit Producer to protect such intellectual property. The
>assignment in this Section 6 shall not apply to any invention or right
>which Writer is entitled to pursuant to the terms of California Labor Code
>Section 2870 or any successor provision."
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