Phil Graham on 28 Jul 2000 07:41:20 -0000

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At 08:52 AM 28/07/00 +0200, wrote:
>dom!naz!on = propagatd b! dze dom!natd

Well perhaps.

But that's either a fairly neoliberal attitude/slogan, or a flat out 

Not at all up to your usual standard.

It's rather like saying that poverty exists because of the presence of the 
or that poverty is propagated by the poor.

I think not.

The more likely scenario, or what I suspect will happen, or what perhaps is 
happening, is that the system of public enclosure has just about reached 
its limits.

Then what?

Well, the system will change in some fundamental way. I still get to do my 
art and own my own existence to a much greater extent than when I was a 
professional musician.

I am not prepared to make predictions, although history appears to have 
scrawled a rather bleak mud map of our immediate future.


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