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[Nettime-bold] (Fwd) Lawsuit Filed Against the US and DC Governments in A16 W

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Subject:        	Lawsuit Filed Against the US and DC Governments in A16 WB/IMF Case 
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Forwarded from posting on the DC Independent Media Center site.  Sorry for 
cross posts.

On July 27, 2000, a lawsuit was filed in Washington, DC charging that the 
United States and the District of Columbia governments deliberately plotted 
to disrupt and stifle peaceful protests against the World Bank and the 
International Monetary Fund.  The lawsuit asserts that federal and D.C. 
government agencies and officers unlawfully intimidated, harassed and 
disrupted the protest.
- falsely portrayed the protesters as threatening violence
- maliciously closed the protesters headquarters for pretextual fire code 
- confiscated protesters political literature, banners and medical supplies 
- wrongfully barred protesters from demonstrating near the World Bank-IMF 
- arrested hundreds of protesters without cause, and
- used excessive force against non-violent demonstrators
all with the purpose of preventing the protesters from exercising their 
constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly. The lawsuit seeks 
money damages for people whose rights were violated, and court orders 
prohibiting the government from interfering unlawfully with future protest. 

The DC-IMC has posted the complete complaint at

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acts of violence?
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