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[Nettime-bold] rekombinant CONFERENCE bOLOGNA


Everybody knows that the Internet represents a dramatic innovation in the 
production and communication.  But generally one thinks that it is only a 
new tool able to make old things.
The Internet is a tool of communication, this is sure. But we are 
interested in it mostly because it is the new shape of the public Sphere.
Digital simulation and cognitive work are producing the substance itself of 
the social action: economic exchange, daily life, political decision, and 
the social body itself.

We are going to organise a public meeting in Bologna, in September 14th, in 
the eve of S26Prague.
Its aim will be to analise the relationship between the cognitive work in 
the Net, and the dissolution of the old forms of politics, namely the Left.

This meeting is intended to focus the deterioration of the political 
italian situation, and the coming victory of the rightist parties led by 
Berlusconi the media moghul backed by former fascists.

But the meeting is also intended to propose a new political horizon to the 
people who have been deceived by the inconsistency of the government of 
I mean the horizon of the Global Movement against the capitalist 
globalisation, which is growing in the social awareness, since Seattle N30.

If we want to make possible a shift in the social consciousness, we have to 
bring in the activist debate a rekombinant style, a style that is coming 
from bio-science, infotechnology.

This is the theoretical and the political framework of the
REKOMBINANT conference, Bologna, Italy, September 14th.

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