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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> EU agrees on culture of secrecy for miltary - an end to EU openness?

Quoting Ben Hayes <>:

> Statewatch News Online, 26 July 2000
> COREPER (the committee of Brussels-based permanent representatives of the
> 15 member states) today adopted a proposal from the EU High representative
> for common foreign and security policy, Mr Solana, on access to documents.
> The new rules will completely re-shape the current code on public access
> to documents (freedom of information). All documents on "security,
> defence, military and non-military management of crises" will be kept
> secret with no distinction between operational matters and policy-making
> (which should be public). The new developments have far wider implications
> and completely undermine the EU's commitment in the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty
> to "enshrine the public's right of access to documents". 
> <>

The new rules on access to documents concerning 'security matters' of the EU 
represent only the proverbial top of the iceberg of a far more evil complex of 
developments spearheaded by the former secretary General of the NATO. It 
foretells no less than the filling up by militaristic structures of the political 
void due to the democratic deficit that has been plaguing the unification project 
for years now. It prophesises all the horrors (and then some) that will be the 
necessary outcome of the association of 'free marketism' run amuck and the ever 
more paranoid concerns of the kind of 'securocracy' so eminently represented by 
Senor Solana. This exlosive cocktail will irremediably come to ignition on that 
inevitable day the sort of conflicts that up to now was taking place outside, but 
on the frontiers of the Union, will happen within its expanded borders. If the 
ultimate (but somehow very theoretical) purpose of any state apparatus is the 
extermination of its own people, there has been since generations no finer 
prospective servant of this cataclismic course than the current Eurokomissar on 
foreign affairs. Looks like that Europe's going to enter a Millenium that is 
Kaliyuga incarnate.    

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