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Re: [Nettime-bold] Napster shut-down - Biotechnology cartblonch

>err... I never really wanted to join this discussion, but here is a
>small remark anyway. Was it only in the Dutch papers that Napster
>-encourages- cd sales rather then that it brings it down?

enkouragez cd zalez 2  +?

"You guys on this message board are just ignorant
    people on the computer with no life and no money"

Office manager, Biotechnology  - `you guys`++

konztataz!e = napster encourages 01 unzan!taz!e


    Office manager, Biotechnology
                                              July 27, 2000, 12:30 a.m. 

    I think you people are taking this Metallica thing to far..
    My opinion is that you guys on the message board are acting like obnoxious
    little brats.. You guys are only mad because Metallica took up for their rights of
    their copy rights.. It's their music and they can do whatever they want to with
    their music... You guys are wrapped up in this little cocoon of stupidity that you
    guys dont know if your going left or right or forward or backwards..I think that
    you guys need to get over this whole entire Napster thing because Metallica aint
    the only group suing Napster.You have Madonna,Red Hot Chili
    Peppers,Jay-Z,Eminem,Dr.Dre and Tom Petty and ofcourse Metallcas' Recording
    Agency is all suing Napster for taking music...And I think Lars Ulrich has a point
    "If people wanna steal preformers music then they go to a towns record store
    and take them off the shelves and burn them onto a blank CD". Napster is just
    like taking music but instead your not in the Record Store taking it off the shelf
    ether.. I think all you people need to grow up and stop acting like babies just
    because Metallica sued Napster and plus you guys are just that little portion of
    people who got mad at Metallica when they cute their hair back in 1996 when
    they came out with Load....You guys on this message board are just ignorant
    people on the computer with no life and no money....All you guys here need to
    get a life and quit blaming every little thing thats happens on Metallica...

    Office manager
                                              July 27, 2000, 12:30 a.m. 

    You people dont understand...
    You people dont understand without Metallica there would be no such thing as
    good rock... Now i know you maybe steamed at them but it dont givs you people
    cartblonch just to say whatever you want to about them...

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