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>hi all:

all = fat cats


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hallo. 2 dze 01 amalgam ov lo.tekk `art` kr!t!k` !mbez!lz

alorz. = konzum > refusz

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satisfaction from a single aspiration
a dull oaf that wolf. not a pleasure provoked in becoming 
an object of another\s wonder. and she\s so pretty


juzt ur koupl ov kl!kz -

>re: the ongoing debate about, Napster, and the decentralization of
>distribution and freedom of intellectual property...
>Everyone likes the idea of stiffing the fat cats at the top of the
>distribution pyramid.  To wit, from this article: "Whats at issue in this
>case is whether the people in collective control of the American
>infotainment industry will continue to wallow in the King Farouk lifestyle
>to which their oligopolistic control over the medias distribution systems
>have accustomed them."  Sure, agreed.  No one disputes the inequities
>inherent in the present system.
>But what about the artists?
>Who, after all, really gets screwed when no one is able to make a living
>from their art?  The lawyers and MBAs who run the record companies won't
>have a problem getting another job.  But the musicians and performing
>artists will see a hard living become even harder when a primary source of
>support is removed via widespread theft.
>Indirectly, the celebration over the liberation of artistic intellectual
>property functions to legitimize theft.  Because what Napster does is theft.
>You are taking an artist's commodity/product and not compensating them for
>it.  And the argument that Napster represents an alternative distribution
>channel is weak at best.  First, you don't earn money from it.  Second, you
>have to spend money to promote your work so that it doesn't get lost in the
>tens of thousands of other works out there.  Third, everyone is refusing to
>accept any format/plan that involves payment.  So it's a lose/lose/lose
>prospect for the artist in the long run.  Even if you get artistic exposure
>or publicity from the Web, you still don't have any viable way to support
>Fine, screw the record companies.  They've force-fed us banality and dreck
>for way too long, while making a killing doing it.  But we have to stop
>pretending that every artist is like Metallica and already making millions.
>The vast majority are struggling to make their voices heard, and we aren't
>doing them any favors by removing their ability to make a living doing it.
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>| Senior Designer/New Media 
>| Web Technology and Development
>| 503.517.3800
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