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[Nettime-bold] ART-ACT Notes 22a

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ART-ACT Notes 22a

1) ART-ACT Art Submissions
2) "Screen Print Workshop for Artists" - New Art
3) Last Call 2000
4) First Call 2002
5) Judging ART-ACT

Check out
Willie Nelson - Increase the Peace

Marco Ceo - Bathrooms

Frank Gonzales - Respect All Colors Equally

Carlos N. Molina - Racism is Taught

Jill St. Onge - Stop Hate Today

Jill St. Onge - Hate...don't let it take root!

D. Ling - Deutch

Rui Bernardini Azenha - All Against Racism

Pat Apt - Together for Always


Carlos Cortez Workers

Jessie Nelson American Indian Iron Worker

Diana Berek The Meek are Getting Ready

Artists - you have seven days to submit work to ART-ACT. This has been a
very successful beginning to an exhibit and contest which we will make into
an ongoing event. Please make a last effort to tell your friends about
ART-ACT. They will only be too late to win this years prize.

In judging this contest our Board will take the lead but artists and the
public are invited to participate. Our goal - as always - is to encourage
people to build a discussion of the art and the issues in the art. If one
thing was learned in this first effort - it is that people resist speaking
out on issues of racism. For this reason - participating in building the
discussion is what qualifies a person to judge this event. Your comments can
now help to decide who gets our $500 prize.

I believe every artist who entered is a winner. This world needs this kind
of activism badly. The goal of these on-going ART-ACT contests is to build a
body of art so vast that all who visit know the overwhelming weight of
public opinion opposes hate. Our goal is to inform people visually that
diversity is the norm and hate is out of place. We want to make discussion
of these issues fun and less intimidating. Finally - we wish our web site to
become an enjoyable place to come to find out about an enormous community of
diversity on the Internet. Thank you for whatever contribution you may have
made in this regard.

ART-ACT II will begin accepting art on the ART-ACT theme for an "Anti-Racist
T-shirt Art Contest Tour" that will end on August 1st, 2002. Artists - you
are not too late for 2002. We have attracted over forty art works for our
first contest. We can multiply that number in the next two years with some
help promoting this on-line event over the next two years.

Willie Anderson's contribution from North Carolina is the first art sent to
us by paper letter proving that ART-ACT provides an alternative method of
inclusion for those effected by the digital divide. A scanner and technical
abilities are not needed to participate in ART-ACT. A public library with
Internet access, an interest in ART-ACT and a stamp are all that is required
for a person to be part of this contest. Willie Anderson even printed out
our license agreement and is now a "professional artist" with his art for
sale on the Internet. Congratulations Mr. Anderson and thank you for
submitting your art from your heart.

Our Board and anyone else willing to write one intelligently argued,
on-theme paragraph about three ART-ACT works will be qualified to judge
ART-ACT. Each member of our Board will write a paragraph - under 100 words -
in support of three works not by themselves. They may include a fourth
paragraph in support of one or more of their own designs, as well, if they
wish.  Others who wish to help judge ART-ACT will have until September 1st
to respond with paragraphs in support of three ART-ACT submissions. We will
collect the votes of qualified judges between September 20th and 28th and
announce the winner at our T-shirt Art Harvest Party on Friday - September
29th. Help build our discussion of the issues and provide feedback to the
artists who entered ART-ACT by becoming a judge.

Chris Drew
 Uptown Multi-Cultural Art Center   We dress Chicago and the
 Internet in t-shirt art.  Come get some! 773/561-7676

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