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[Nettime-bold] New Ear Cushion Makes Your Phone Soft !!

Frequent Phone Users..... A new product is now available to combat the discomfort that one can experience during a lengthy telephone conversation. The PHONE CUSHION, a patented product, represents an inexpensive, but effective solution to this problem. A package of three PHONE CUSHIONS is available for only $6.99 plus S&H. For all of you employers with an office full of workers who spend a great deal of time on the telephone, give your people the comfort they deserve. For you home based business owners, ease the discomfort associated with all of those hours spent on the telephone. For your friends and loved ones, the personal comfort that the PHONE CUSHION offers makes the perfect gift. Hearing-Aid users can also benefit with reduction of outside noise interference and elimination of "feedback squeal", a common problem experienced while using the telephone. Make your telephone use a continuous pleasure by attaching a PHONE CUSHION to your business of residential phones! For ordering instructions and more information, send a requesting "more info" in the subject line. *********************************************************************************************************************************** To be removed from our mailing list, send a We will honor your remove request within 24 hours. _______________________________________________ Nettime-bold mailing list