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[Nettime-bold] meeting against "Fortess Europe" in Sicily, 23-30 July 2000


As sicilian comrades, we think urgent to take back that run of struggle
that had brought an ample and variegated against razism movement to go down
in road, in the different Italian cities, against the Turco-Napolitano law
and for the closing of all the centers for migrant. 
But the racist politics of the "centro-sinistri" governments are go framed,
 how all the mobilizations of the following months have shown, as one of
the aspects of the wild neoliberista offensive that makes the firm Italy as
the keeper of Europe of Schengen. 
In all these months we fought against the biotecnologies and the
globalizzazione, against the new strategies of control in the Adriatic sea
and the reorganization of the south side of the NATO, against the OCSE and
the new frontiers of the capitalism. 
It is born therefore the demand to connect the against racism question with
 A more depeened and collective analysis that supports methodologies of
fight that are able to go over the expirations imposed by power and  
the massmediatica theatrical tightly to a conception of political acting
that makes of image and not of the contents his founding  reason. 
At the same time we think the moment comes to assemble all our attention
whereas the contradictions emerge with great evidence. 
In what places are the social contradictions historically and economic
exploded if not in the "points of frontier"? Today like always Sicily
represents a point of caesura between the north and the south of the world,
between opulence and poverty, between included and excluded ones, between
community and extracomunity ones. Today more than everthe Sicily is a place
of deceptive comfort fomented by false promises and place of real economic
and cultural medioevo, place of cathedrals in the desert and job not
protected: the most delirious expression of the incongruity of the economic
neoliberista model. 
On the one hand, Sicily is armed outpost of the Europe of Schengen and the
south side of the Nato, subject to the community legislation in economic
field and in the social one; on the other hand, it is land of capitalistic
exploitation and depredation, of anachronistic forms of poverty and of
disparity of class. 
In a similar context the war between poor, functional to the control of the
frontiers, finds a fertile ground. Our land, since always crossroad  of
people and cultures, now assists indifferent to the armour-plating of his
coasts and to fires of the clandestines. The indifference more than the
racial hate is the feeling manifested by the local population toward the
destinies of thousand of women and men that forced to the hunger try to
reach our coasts, 
Often ending secluded in the centers of detention. 
Indifference toward the fate of whom the media bombardment describes like
clandestine, illegal and as such not having peer dignity and law of
citizen, often victims of the exploitation of Italian middle class, forced
to inhuman conditions of work as low cost and not protected manpower whose
the most elementary laws are also denied,  victims of organized crime and
for this make guilty by more fascist logic of propaganda of which they are
unaware tool, especially in the electoral campaign, to disorientate the
masses and to focus  
the anger against fatidical enemies external, victims of the capitalistic
system as the unemployed person, the precarious ones, the workers, the
students, the pensioners and the women of our country. 
Indifference that doesn't have any motive to not only exist for a passed
that has seen us all emigrants but for a present that mainly in the South
sees us immigrates or local, regular or in nero, all victims of the whims
of the globalizzazione, subjects to blackmail of the precarizzazione and of
An infinity of inside and outside migrants flows intersect, subdued to the
demands of the work market, this is the only  logic that subtends the
Turco-Napolitano law, functional to the regulation of the migratory flows
in relation to the changing demands of the capital, for a vast front that
goes from the left of government to the Confindustria, the migrant one can
be now a dangerous clandestine to stop and to repatriate; in another moment
an important resource of low cost and not protected manpower. 
To this front another one must be contrasted , founded on the solidarity of
class that sees us all united, regular and clandestine ones, jobless and
precarious in the struggle for the income and for the house, for health and
for  all the services, against the Idra of the capitalism and his thousand
heads that  are called Berlusconi or D'Alema, Confindustria or CGIL CISL UIL. 
That's why a camping of struggle and discussion in Sicily, unitary for all
the antagonist groups, but free from hypocrisies of whom sees in the c.p.t.
not places to close but places to reform and manage in name of an
interested assistenzialismo that doesn't belong us. 
A camping to find again our times and ways of comparison and reflection, to
center the debate on the immigration and in the same time to extend it to
the thousand themes connected to it. 
We think besides that the camping must have its culminating moment in a
national demonstration in Trapani, because Trapani is one of the
obligatory stages for the one that, his despite, is forced to seek fortune
in the West. Trapani because here, inside the Serraino Vulpitta, our
brothers died, killed by the fire and by the indifference, in one of that
places that the new minister Bianco (Sicilian besides) still dares to call
nor jails neither hotels. 
For the indizion of the demonstration in Trapani, we fix the base already
proposed by different Sicilian groups: 

- to close the Serraino Vulpitta immediately, together with all the other
lagers of state, against every hypothesis of reform or substitution of the
actual cpt with places of softer detention; 

- immediate substantial change of the law Turco-Napolitano; 

- to open the frontiers to all the migrant, against every law that deludes
to be able to regulate the inalienable law to move freely that belongs to
everybody. Because the victims of the economic inequalities, produced by
the neoliberista west and the political refugees, persecuted by regimes
with which the west and our country often makes good business, are
received. For a world without frontiers where everyone can circulate freely; 

- to guarantee house, health, occupation and conditions of work more
dignified, beyond of the difference of race or sex ; 

- to really create a multicultural society, in which  spaces of meeting and
relation, and not places of contenzione, can be multiplied; 

- to fix our no to the repressive and fascist politics of the  minister
Bianco and of the government Amato; 

- an immediate and definitive sanatoria for all the migrant present in the
our country. 


 From 23 to 30 July 2000, in Marzameni (SR), in Sicily, for a camping = 
of struggle and discussion on the migrations, on working and not working,
on the  
biotechnology and on the neoliberism. 

Program Of the Camping 
23 July Initiative in Catania: demonstration in the city  and garrison at
the Fontana Rossa 
24 luglio mattina: Meeting of opening of the camping 
24 July afternoon: Intervention of Fulvio Vassallo, Paleologo for Committee
Truth and Justice on the slaughter of the Vulpitta 
25 July Day of discussion on: Migrations, connected politics and forms of
26 July Day of discussion on working and not working 
27 July times 17.00 Demonstration in Trapani up to the Serraino Vulpitta
times 22.00 Concert in the square 
28 July Day of discussion on: biotechnology, progressive impoverishment of
the south of the world and globalizzazione. New forms of resistance 
29 July Day of discussion on: Repression and militarization of the territory 
30 July conclusive Meeting 

The cost of the camping will be of around L.120.000 to person, including
the transport in bus to Trapani for 27. 
For further information tel.: 095/313483 - 0368/582406 - 0347/6269771

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