Natalie Bookchin on 20 Jul 2000 18:06:09 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] tijuana bordercamp

From: "luis humberto clinton" <>

Huicho here, from Cinemátik.

I wanted to invite you to the border camp we are organizing here in 
Tijuana as part of the kein mensch ist illegal chain of camps.
Our camp is called Borderhack!, and will be taking place from 
september 1st til 3rd of 2000 in the beach and faro area in Playas de 
Tijuana (you may remember it from the Alexei Shulgin event).

We'll have conferences, art exhibitions,techno and punk musical 
performances, web area, and other activities.

Also wanted to ask you if you knew anybody who will like to 
participate in the camp, and if so, could you please let me know how 
to contact them.

We are very excited with this project and hope you can join us.

Luis Humberto Rosales.

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