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[Nettime-bold] logos.it WAS: Contentville.com and Publishing Rights

>Apparently contentville is selling reprints of articles and dissertations
>without? written permission from the authors.
>here's the gist:

>geneva anderson

While we're talking of unauthorized publication, check out the Italian site
"Logos". They seem to have hundreds of stolen texts from other web sites
(such as my own The Art Bin).

There are texts in most major languages, the ToC of the English section is
at http://www.logos.it/literature/literatureenaa.html

Some texts are public domain, and maybe they have permission from some
contemporary writers, but judging from the Swedish cases I doubt it, they
seem to just grab the texts and place them on their own site.

(In Sweden lawyers from the Swedish writer's union will soon contact the
management of logos.it.)

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