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"Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc." wrote:

> July 11, 2000
> Andrea Polli
> Rapid Fire
> Andrea Polli is one of the ten artists selected to participate in THE
> FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2000. The live art on the Internet series presented
> by FRANKLIN FURNACE, in collaboration with Parsons School of Design,
> Digital Design Department and the NetArt Initiative.
>  ____________________________________________________________
> Rapid Fire  On-Line web site premiere, Friday, July 14, 2000
> <>
> Web traffic tracked from Friday, July 14 to Friday, July 28
> Tracking information visible on-line and in performance on Friday, July 28th
>  ____________________________________________________________
> Rapid Fire is a collaborative project focusing on the exploration and
> implementation of Intuitive Ocusonics, a process in which voluntary and
> involuntary eye movements create a visual and aural landscape.
> Intuitive Ocusonics is the four-year effort of Andrea Polli, an
> experimental programmer, sound artist, and technologist who takes social
> implications of new technology to the extreme.  She sees herself as a
> neo-concretist, merging and re-framing ideas of concrete art, music, and
> poetry.  Intuitive Ocusonics melds visual and aural information through
> high end data transfer and tracking technology first developed by the US
> military.
> Rapid Fire On-Line turns the voyeuristic lens back on itself by tracking
> the spread of information via the internet, a 'virtual fire'.  For two
> weeks from July 14 to July 28, visitors to Rapid Fire On-Line will be
> tracked by their geographical location.    After July 28th, live and
> on-line animated data visualizations designed by interactive artists
> Lourdes Costa and Andrea Polli will be presented for each of the seven
> days' site activity, allowing a live and on-line audience to visually track
> the history of the web site's traffic.
> Rapid Fire On-Line also presents documentation of performances using
> Intuitive Ocusonics in the form of Quicktime video and RealAudio, and
> simulations of Intuitive Ocusonics which the user can operate to create
> visual poems from interactive typographic systems created by digital
> designer Seun-Ju O.
> THE FUTURE OF THE PRESENT 2000 is made possible by the faith and foresight
> of Jerome Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Inc.,
> the Heathcote Art Foundation, the New York State Council on the Arts'
> Technology Initiative, the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal
> agency, and The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology.
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> to visit 'This Month's World Wide Events'.
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