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>The Conference Understanding the Balkans is to take place 
>in the period October 13 - October 16, 2000 in Hotel Belvi in Ohrid.
>I would urge the interested in the below noted subject and themes to
>write to me.
>Best regards,
>Contemporary Art Center - Skopje;
>Melentie Pandilovski - Director 
>Tel/Fax: ++389.    ++389.
>Mobile: +389.70.217.075,
>Orce Nikolov 109, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
>October 13 - October 16, 2000
>Hotel Belvi in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
>Organizer (organization and contact person): 
>Contemporary Art Center - Skopje; Melentie Pandilovski - Director 
>Tel/Fax: ++389.    ++389.
>Mobile: +389.70.217.075,
>Orce Nikolov 109, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
>          e-mail:
>General Idea of the Conference:
>The rapid changes that the countries of South-East Europe are confronted
>with make it a necessity and essential 
>challenge to perform a certain "archaeological cut" through the
>different heterogeneous layers of the Balkan region. Therefore the
>international Conference UNDERSTANDING THE BALKANS is conceived as a
>challenge to examining the alteration stratum of the Balkans
>concentrating strongly on questions of society, culture, art, and
>history. Reflections and analysis dedicated to these complex issues will
>be examined during the Conference.
>UNDERSTANDING THE BALKANS will in this goal try to focus on examining the intersection of the acquired codes
>in the social, historical, cultural, we have used on the Balkans in our
>immediate past as well as in considering the changes through which our
>societies, and culture, are undergoing over the past decades. The
>Conference is especially interested in investigating the deeper reasons
>for on-going conflicts in the region. The Conference will focus on
>finding ways of concordant common social, political and economic
>structure to emerge in the new Balkan societies and thus admitting that
>each region has its own specifics shall try to find a link connecting to
>the cumulative cultural achievements of the past.
>UNDERSTANDING THE BALKANS is open to the investigating of substantially higher synergistic systems on the
>Balkans and will urge the creation of new visions of the artists,
>theoreticians, historians, sociologists, and philosophers and will
>concentrate on finding a common platform in which the present historic
>and cultural gaps can be bypassed. Being conceived as an encounter of
>artists, technologies and visionaries the Conference also welcomes
>various projects using information technology and different multi-media
>applications, life sciences, etc.
>Themes to be discussed: 
>1.      Codes Not Understood: Reasons and Consequences
>2.      Identities: Creation and Use
>3.      Mediated Images: Theory and Creation
>4.      Networks: New Quality or Redundant Accumulation 
>The format of the Conference:
>UNDERSTANDING THE BALKANS is inviting 30 leading thinkers from the Balkan region as well as outside from it, 

!.e. lo.tekk korporat fasc!zt !mpozterz

>covering a wide expertise (historians, sociologists, philosophers, scientists, culturologists, and artists).
>                         (November-December 2000)
>The proceedings will be published in English and Macedonian with a possible translation to the other Balkan languages. 
>Deadline: The deadline for application is September 15, 2000.

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