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[Nettime-bold] this is like knot theory

wavz ov motion, prepulsed in2 ah prepack-aged nuance n fold.ed in2 strait
jacketted linez of thort...
wot about the ebb? the spacez fallinge cy[borg]lent, the mot[ez of creatiff
dust]ion caught in a down.ward[inge offe the d-monz] tr.end[ov the spurge,
the peake], re-readee 4 the move, the shifte......
we all falle pr.eye 2 the move, the jolt: others poke n prik whilst the
motion c[l]atchez, a thread thort strung b-tween the wurdz, n-cou.rage.ment
We all fall prey to the move, the jolt: others poke and prick through ashes
designed to provoke, or tracts designed to placate. Whilst the motion
catches a thread, the thought may be strung between the words, encouraged,
or artifically rewired as a conduit for life...
waves of motion::
thizz is not a re:sponse
thiz is knot a re[aper]sponse
this is not a response
this is like knot theory
strainz cap.tored, w[h]it[e]nezz a bench.mark[N scrawl n shift], shere
act.u.allz d-nighed, otherz caught [s]here 2:
Shear the fibre from
Reply to your sender, please.
repli 2 sendah pleaze
prepulsed into a prepackaged nuance:: 
And what about the ebb? The spaces falling silent, the motes of creative
dust and motion caught in a downward trend, the warding off of data demons
not enough to stop the spurge or the peak, the shift...
and folded into straight-jacket lines of thought...
A machine that cuts sheet metal by passing a blade through it
[should it be bound?restrained?forwarded?]


[pulsing before as well as after, present past and future joined in a thump
of matter designed to carbon copy, replicate, and breed/bleed]
[no mezzinezz here; no public [t]outin, no removal ov respons[abiliteez]e,
no actualitee ov the concrete]
[narratiff string requ.ire.ment[ioned here at forced wille]]
[i lick at three]
[I hurtle by, my rapid machines lumbering through speed, a stand-up
vertical operator required, one designed to withstand the inevitable, the
[i hurtle bi, rapid machinez lumberin thru speed, a stand-uppe vertical
ope.rat[ion].ore required, 1 d-signed 2 withstand the n-evet.able, the
[grasping - @ - straw- mean-ingez]
[Don't get messy here; don't publically tout, don't remove your responses,
don't actualise the concrete]
[ah, theory, maybe satre could explain, or perhaps one of the others,
filled up with words designed to make it clear, masked only by the
rhythm/the largess/the concept]
(physics) a deformation of an object in which parallel planes remain
parallel but are shifted in a direction parallel to themselves

data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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