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content... convergence... immersion... interaction 



Producing New Media: Money & Law
August 3-5, 2000… Tuition $360 

This is an international program that makes available and develops financing
and legal strategies for new media creative, software and technology
development, production, distribution and broadcast. 

Case studies include: networked new media, authoring tools, games, artwork,
convergence media. Interim funding to research support is included in the
strategy sessions. Legal discussion includes copyright debates, cyber
tortes, localization and other relevant issues. 

Stay over for: 

Interactive Screen 0.0: 
August 7-13, 2000… Tuition $3840

An intensive development laboratory in new media project creation and
development. Bring us your hungry scripts, treatments and project concepts
for content and software and we will help you transform them to a coherent
package and build an appropriate funding strategy for them. This year, we
will delve into the challenges of convergent media, including interactive
television, web projects, platform games, DVD and location based forms. 

The Banff Super Conductor: Network Collaborations: Convergent Services,
ecommerce, Tactical Media, Filling for Fat Pipes
August 18-20, 2000… Tuition $480
At this strategy session meet multimedia producers, communications
industries reps, formal and informal networks, researchers, funding
agencies, broadcasters, artists’ networks, and ecommerce gurus. 

Explore new creative and production alliances with the hopes of developing
strategies for the creation of rich networked content, with a special focus
on learning and creativity. You’ll find answers to the following
questions…How can we build for different delivery platforms? How can we work

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