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[Nettime-bold] THE BAY AREA AWARD SHOW 2000

For Immediate Release				            
Images Available. Contact Leah Broder 415 626 5416 or
THE BAY AREA AWARD SHOW 2000:  July 12 - September 9, 2000
Opening Reception July 13, 6 - 8 pm

VISUAL ART:  Leona Christie, Frederick Hayes, and Jon-Paul Villegas

NET ART:  Steev Hise and Masako Odaka	


San Francisco - New Langton Arts announces the recipients of The Bay Area Award Show 2000. Langton's walls pop with color, texture, and raw emotion when visual arts awardees Leona Christie, Frederick Hayes, and Jon-Paul Villegas take over the gallery. NetWork awardees Steev Hise and Masako Odaka evoke democratic freedom and subvert the eCommerce paradigm in their Internet based projects. Musée artist Hilary Chartrand turns scraps of commercially printed products into landscapes of color and pattern.

In its seventh year, The Award Show embodies the spirit of exploration on which this artist space was founded nearly 25 years ago. Langton's curators turn a focused eye toward local art makers, performers, and writers, and give audiences a chance to sample a selection of the innovation taking place locally. New Langton Arts is located at 1246 Folsom Street. Gallery hours are 12 - 5, Wednesday through Saturday. Admission is free. Call 415 626 5416 for info.

Oakland artist Leona Christie draws ethereal worlds that vacillate between fantasy and industry, innocence and corruption, Ziegfield follies and organic abstraction. Monochromatic skyscapes and transparent heroines from her on-going series The Helium Wars fill a wall and bubble over, spilling onto the gallery floor.

Quietly staring out from a field of white paper Frederick Hayes' characters speak volumes. The passionately rendered charcoal portraits are moments we've experienced, emotions we've felt, people we've passed by on the street. For The Award Show Hayes creates life-sized drawings of six characters from the modern metropolis.

In Jon-Paul Villegas' installations chewing gum, fake flowers, and faux wood paneling implicate each other in mysterious, open-ended narratives.  He carefully alters and arranges found objects into sculptures and installations that behave like paintings on a wall. 

Steev Hise's project, Detritus Sound Consensus Bakery (2000) netcasts an algorithmically generated sound collage 24 hours a day. Listeners use a web interface to set a variety of sonic variables drawing from a database of sound samples. Listeners' input is statistically averaged and processed into a new 'democratic' stream of sound.  

Masako Odaka's project Pinion (2000), invites the user to modify existing web pages then uploads them to free servers all over the world, creating information noise or echo. The title, 
which means to restrain a bird from flight by cutting or binding its wings, refers to users ability to separate the "pinioned" web sites from their intended location and purpose. 

A stack of envelopes becomes a mesmerizing  composition of lines and folds when put in the hands of SF artist Hilary Chartrand. She turns common, commercially printed products into elegant, painterly objects, asking the viewer to find beauty in the mundane. 

Leona Christie received her MFA from the University of Washington, Seattle. She has had solo exhibitions at Southern Exposure, SF (1999) and Prince Fine Art, New York (1998), and has been included in numerous group exhibitions.

Frederick Hayes, a San Francisco artist, received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at a variety of venues including Meridian Gallery, SF (2000), WORKS, San Jose (1999), and The Drawing Center, NY (1998). 

Jon-Paul Villegas received his MFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC), SF. His work is included in Introductions 2000, Gallery Paule Anglim, SF and Survivalist, Southern Exposure, SF (1999).

Steev Hise is a multimedia artist who has worked in performance, experimental music, video, and net art, and has performed at venues including Borderbend, Mills College, Oakland (2000), 33 Degrees, Austin TX (1999), and LACE, Los Angeles (1996). A graduate of California Institute of the Arts, he is on the steering committee for the SF Electronic Music Festival.

Masako Odaka is a recent graduate of the CADRE program at San Jose State University. 

Hilary Chartrand earned an MFA from CCAC, Oakland, where she received the Hamaguchi Award for excellence in printmaking. She was recently included in the International Student Exhibition, Kunning, China (2000).


VISUAL ART EXHIBITION: July 12 - September 9
Leona Christie
Frederick Hayes
Jon-Paul Villegas

Au Musée d'Honneur Minuscule: July 12 - September 9
Hilary Chartrand

NETWORK ( July 12 - September 9
Steev Hise
Masako Odaka

RECEPTION FOR THE ARTISTS: Thursday, July 13 6-8 pm


READING: Wednesday, August 9  8 pm
Taylor Brady
Susan Gevirtz

CONCERT: Saturday, August 12  8 pm
John Ingle

PERFORMANCES AND VIDEO SCREENING: Thursday and Fruday, August 17 & 18  8 pm
Jacob Hartman
Kathryn Williamson
Bob Linder

1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco
Gallery hours are Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 5 pm and Tuesday by appointment  
Admission is free. Call for information 415 626 5416

Tickets for readings $6 general or $4 for Langton members, students, and seniors
All other events $8 general or $6 for Langton members, students, and seniors
Advance reservations are recommended. Call 415 626 5416
Advance purchases with Visa or Mastercard may be made over the phone 
A $1/ticketservice charges applies for all credit card purchases
Group discounts and complimentary tickets for caregivers are available 

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New Langton Arts is funded in part by Michael Abbink, Association Française d'Action Artistique, Banana Republic, BankAmerica Foundation, Stephen Buckingham, Lewis Butler, Penny and James Coulter, Cultural Equity Grants Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission, Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Joshua Distler, eBay Great Collections, Etant donnés, Simon Frankel, Maynard and Charlotte Franklin, Joseph Furlong III, Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Gretchen Hillenbrand, Edward Jew, Joe Boxer, Jeanne Meyers, Meridee Moore and Kevin King, The National Endowment for the Arts Creation & Presentation Programs, Penny Perlmutter Fernandez, Potrero Nuevo Fund, The Howard Rice Fund, Robert Harshorn Shimshak, Marcia Tanner and Winsor Soule, Kathryn Taylor and Tom Steyer, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Susan and Richard Swig Watkins, the board of directors and members of New Langton Arts.
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