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[Nettime-bold] ACTIVE LINK One afternoon conference

If you are in Stuttgart  today


One afternoon conference
June 29th 2000
Merz Akademie, Stuttgart
starting at 17.00 MEST

LINK is a connection from one information object to another.

The original purpose of the LINK was: keeping kopies up to
date, saving filesystem capacity through avoiding redundant files, being
a placeholder for data stored somwhere else.
Today LINK is the essence of the web: connecting different sites on
different locations with each other - in a decentralized, rhizomatic
structure. LINKING is not only building a connection, but relations. To
make LINKS can mean: collecting information, making art or doing
business, surveing or surviving.

ACTIVE LINK is a link at the very moment, when it is selected or when
you click on it. It's short moment, but the most interesting of all.
LINKS have to be active in order to make a system working and it's
efforts making  sense. Networking environments consist of LINKS, in
order to enrich, enlarge and faciliate the users activities.
LINKING means to share ressources and to use them commonly. This is the
pre-condition for any social activity on the net.
What a LINK can be? What an active ACTIVE LINK can perform? These are
the questions we find important in june 2000.

ALINK is a first event organized by Networking group students of Merz
Akademie, Stuttgart

ALINK will happen once a year in the end of summer semester.
ALINK will cover hot, vital, curious and forgotten subject.
ALINK can grow, change and dissapear. ALINK can be moved and renamed.

Concept: Olia Lialina
Organization: Networking group
web/print: T.Hohmann, B.Klott, M.Zevallos
Speakers: Amy Alexander (special guest, Los Angeles), Dragan
Espenschied, Alvar Freude, Michael Gollmer, Dr.Reinhold Grether (special
guest, Konstanz), Kerstin Guenther, Dirk Weyhoven



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