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[Nettime-bold] 11th issue of CIAC's Electronic Magazine

****Advance apologies for multiple postings****

The 11th issue of CIAC's Electronic Magazine is now on line.

This edition focuses on Web 3D.

The contents of the Magazine include:

. A Feature article by Francine Dagenais: Beyond Six Degrees of Freedom
. An essay on The New Medium of Interactive Virtual Worlds by Mark
Rudolph in Perspective.
. Two Interviews: with Victoria Vesna about her work Bodies INC, with
Daniel Dion about his projects involving QTVR.
. Reviews of Web Projects by Zoe Beloff, Daniel Dion and Brad Todd, Mary

Flanagan, Oliver Hockenhull, Sheryl Kootenhayoo, Louise Lawler, David
Lilley, Nancy Paterson, David Tomas, Marek Walczak by Anne-Marie
Boisvert and Sylvie Parent.
. A Review of the colloquium Rhétoriques des nouvelles écritures
. An article by Virginie Pringuet in Spotlight entitled Online / In
situ/ On air, about The Frequency Clock and the Silophone projects, that
create links between physical space and cyberspace through
 sound based creation.

Sylvie Parent
Magazine électronique du CIAC

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