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[Nettime-bold] AUDIOPHFILE v.5.0


AUDIOPHFILE v.5.0, a bimonthly sonic art exhibition
organized by NOMADS, is now on-line at

v.5.0 features work by subspace (Buffalo, NY) and Michael Mersky (Mt. Airy,

Michael Mersky is a new media artist whose work is a meditation on tyranny.
AUDIOPHFILE v.5.0 features Mersky's "Ambient 1 s", "Ambient 2 s", "Ambient 3
s" & "Ambient 4 m".

Subspace is the work of one humanoid (Jonathan Hughes) and lots of faithful
machines. His contribution to AUDIOPHFILE, "Fluid: environmental sound
modules one through ten", features two sets of tracks which have been
formulated so they work either on their own or in unison. Any two tracks
from either set simultaneously can be played simultaneously to create hybrid
tracks. All tracks contain minimal rhythmic elements and are related in key,
so any track from one set can be successfully combined with any track from
the other set (although you may find some combinations more pleasant than

AUDIOPHFILE requires the Flash 4.0 player and a java-enabled browser. As
always, we recommend the use of headphones or speakers for the best
listening experience.

AUDIOPHFILE is funded, in part, by the DC Commission on the Arts and
Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Laura McGough
Co-Director, NOMADS

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