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[Nettime-bold] Affront Tears Via the Frontiers Of The Human Genome Projectwith Foreword: Colonies and Affront Tears of the Frontier Race

_  _  _  _Colon-Ez N [ah]Front.tearz Race[z]_  _ _ -

[HU[[bris meets priss]]MAN GENe.Oh.M[E]ica PROJECTilez]

- - -_ _IF::

:Projectile Wonne:: that the bio.logic[none].all summ ov the holez r
:manifesteringlee now greator[ture] that the summ ov the part[ickellez]z.

::evil.oh.lution c-quenched.
::endepointee act[h]iv[e]ated.


:Projectile Too:: a meth.odd.ol.oh!gee! kan lead 2 the front awe the back,
:witch thenne leadz 2 the n-hanced fi.gor[ee d-tails of m-bryonic spinez
:twizted, ergo//egorz no morre, d-sig[h...]nah gene-E-o-phonic systemz
sprout-:ting new earz subsonick hearin earz N bi-[n]o[mialz]n.ic[ky]
sight[lezz] :spherical eyez n i'z]

_ _ _ - -THENNE::
::i.dent[in yr ego kode]it[caul]ee b-9.

::self-same.ic DNA beautee templated.


[mom, my hand hurts]
[mi hande hertz]
[mi ta[c]g.z ache]
[mi body collapzed]
[mi cancer spreade]
[mi cul[to]ture broke]
[mi eyez r on fire]
[mi kneez broke]
[mi bank bleedez]

_Affront Tears Via the Frontiers Of The Human Genome Project_

Foreword: Colonies and Affront Tears of the Frontier Race

Chapter One: The HUMAN GENOME PROJECT: Hubris meets _Bladerunner_

[excerpts from the projectile chapters]

*If the first genomic projectile involves the [seemingly illogical]
biological sum of the whole which is manifesting in the sequences as
greater that the sum of its parts [or particles], then evolution as we now
know it is sequenced, quenched, and reaching/has reached its logical
end-point. Ethical considerations like "evil" are therefore discounted as

*If the second genomic projectile includes methodologies that lead to the
beginning or the end of the human species, this may lead to the creation of
"The Enhanced Figure" [such as spawns the so-called "gory" story details of
embryonic spines that are twisted anew, ergo the category of "Egormorphs"
no longer being scientifically relevant, with designer Geneophonic Systems
sprouting new ears with Embedded Organic Biothermic Subsonic Hearing and
Binomial Bionics Inc. offering Sight Spherical Eye Code]. These Figures are
identically benign, and ego codes are no longer necessary. The perpetuation
of this "self-same" DNA category leads to the Beauty Template, which [for
example] eliminates any need for evolution via the previous esthetically
and culturally determined scale.

[projectile 3 contains excerpts from one of the EGDR's (Experimental
Genethically De/Reformed) prelog, with Statements Of Assumed Belief/Meanings]

["mom, my hand hurts"]
[my hand hurts]
[meaning: my tacgs ache, or my body is collapsing/will collapse]
[meaning: my cancer spread]
[assumed meaning: my culture has broken]
[meaning: my eyes are on fire]


data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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