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[Nettime-bold] live on superchannel vienna

to be seen on www.superchannel.org /vienna


lenght: ca 12 min 30 sec
camera: 1 (hidden) high 8 camera
        1 (hidden) super vhs

on sunday the 21st of may 2000 Kasper König, a famous and highly
recommended german art curator (expo 2000, documenta..)
Marin Fritz, an also well known austrian curator and Jessica Beer, she
is in charge of the final exhibition of the Academy of fine arts Vienna
and for pr belongings of the academy visited the Master class of Renee
Green to decide which artworks will be presented in the final exhibition

(presspreview: tuesday 20th of june 2000 at 1100h in the
morning;official opening speech at 20:30 h the same day) the class
suggested to ask the curator(Kasper König) two questions, before
starting with the inspection of the art works, question one dealt with
the political situation in Austria in connection with the final
exhibition, the question was if there was any concept or even a focus on

the political status quo in austria...question number two asked the
curator, what he personally thinks about that he has to look at more
than 300 artworks in a two and a half days period of time(!), and then
has to decide in an objective and distanced way, whether the art work is

"good" or "bad"...
it seemed that these two questions had been enough for him, he only said

"..ich halte ihre Fragen für absurd" stood up and left the class with
the words "..wenn ihr wollt dass ich kucken soll, dann holt ich rein,
ich habe keine lust auf solche sachen". the situation escalated, a nice
discussion with co-curator Martin Fritz and public relation women
Jessica Beer followed. What the curator didn´t know was that he had been

taped all the time by two hidden camerasin class. what came out is a
documentary parody of the day a person called Kasper König entered the

cameras, editing, postproduction by harald scherz (19-6-2000)

additional information:
during the exhibition time between the 20th of june 2000 and the 7th of
july 2000 there will be various actions campaigns
against the hierachy of the curator system especially connected with the


final exhibition of the academy of fine arts vienna
(20th june - 7th july 2000)
atelierhaus der akademie der bildenden künste wien
mehrzwecksaal; 2.stock
lehargasse 6
1060 vienna
open from 1100- 1800 from mondays-saturdays

resistamce wear- because...
stand to reason

your personal reason for your personal resistance in Austria!
daily broadcast: 2o.oo pm
send your argument to: contact@resistancewear.org
www.resistancewear.org - tee_shirts with an attitude

Resistance must remain visible! resistancewear.org a fashion label
created to position new public signs of resistance against the Fpoe and
their participation in the Austrian government and to encourage further
political activity by the Austrian “Internet-generation”. Starting
Friday 16/o6/2ooo everyone can transmit his or her personal argument
against the Freedom party and the Austrian government via superchannel
into the www! more info: www.resistancewear.org


der alte werte kanal - the old values channel
eine anthologie des schönen für den jahrmarkt der eitelkeiten an der
an anthology of beauty for the pre-kunsthalle vanity fair.

and much more

superchannel.org is a tool that enables you to produce
internet TV with interaction by the viewers through chat and
discussion groups.

superchannel in Vienna
The studio is an open access situation, focusing on the current
political and democratic developments in Europe. Groups, institutes or
individuals that have a specific interest in the discussion can
broadcasts from here. We invite you to participate in the discussion
either through direct interaction during live shows, the discussion
groups or by making your own show.

We invite you to use the superchannel studio at kunsthalle Vienna in the

period 25 may until 17 september for your own activites and to get the
experience of webcasting, using the technology involved.

Visit the studio at kunsthalle vienna or book a broadcast via e-mail,
our e-mail is kw@superchannel.org

do your own television show
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