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[Nettime-bold] Communique from EZLN,Marcos (El Bosque),Jun 13, 2000

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Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 07:15:39 -0400
From: irlandesa <irlandesa@compuserve.com>
Subject: CCRI-CG communique concerning El Bosque incident
Sender: irlandesa <irlandesa@compuserve.com>
To: chiapas-l <chiapas-l@groundwork.ucsd.edu>

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
Translated by irlandesa

Communique' from the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee -
        General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

June 13, 2000.

To the People of Mexico:
To the Peoples and Governments of the World:

Brothers and Sisters:

Regarding the incident which took place in the municipality of El Bosque,
Chiapas, in which 7 Public Security police officers died, the EZLN

First. -  According to the information, the attack was carried out using
the tactics of drug traffickers, paramilitaries or soldiers.  The use of
the "coup de grace" is frequent among these armed groups.  The attack took
place in an area that is full of government troops (army and police), where
it is very difficult for an armed group to be mobilized without being
detected and without the complicity of the authorities.  The group of
assailants had privileged information concerning the movements and number
of the ambushed persons.  This information could only have been obtained by
government persons or by those close to them.

Second. -  The EZLN is investigating, in order to clarify the identity and
motives of the group of assailants.  Everything points to those persons who
carried out the attack having been from the government (or under the
auspices of the government), since they would thus have a pretext for
increasing militarization in Chiapas, and for justifying an attack against
zapatista communities or against the EZLN.  It should be noted that this
incident will increase the climate of instability which the official
candidate has threatened will prevail if he does not win.

Third. -  Clear provocation or not, this violent incident is still an
argument for increasing the military presence throughout the state, even in
areas which are very far from the scene of the attack.  Over the last few
hours, government barracks have been more heavily reinforced in Guadalupe
Tepeyac in Las Margaritas, Cuxulja' in Ocosingo, Cate' in El Bosque, the
municipal seats of Simojovel and El Bosque.  Similarly, the number of
artillery aircraft, and their low overflights in Los Altos, Selva and
Northern areas, have also increased.

Fourth. -  The EZLN denies any responsibility for this act, and calls on
the public to not allow themselves to be deceived.  As we have more
information, we will release it publicly.




>From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

By the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee -
        General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

Mexico, June of 2000. 

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