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[Nettime-bold] <nettime> Call for entries from MCMOGATK

Art on the Net 2000 --- "Parody"
"In modern times," Bakhtin notes, "the function of parody 
has become narrower and unproductive. Parody has grown 
feeble and its place in modern literature is insignificant". 
Today we laugh unilaterally, at people and at things. 
Ridicule of the serious words is everywhere, but much of 
parody's ancient complexity and strength has been lost. 

---Gary Saul Morson & Caryl Emerson: "Mikhail Bakhtin" 
                        (Stanford University Press, 1990) 

"Art on the Net 2000," an online art festival sponsored by 
the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo (MCMOGATK), 
is currently inviting artists to participate in this year's 
exhibition held under the theme "Parody."

MCMOGATK has been actively pursuing various relationships 
the Internet can have with art through Art on the Net, the 
world's first online open art competition, since its first 
show in 1995. We now see the growing use of the Internet 
as a space for art and in fact, "net art" has been featured 
in many cultural festivals around the world. We strongly 
feel now is the time to redefine the "potentials" of the 
Internet as a medium of communications." 

MCMOGATK will keep pursuing this fundamental question through 
Art on the Net. This year, the exhibition will be held in fall 
2000 and all are invited to participate in this project. Please 
read the application procedures and find application form on 
our site;

The jurors of the "Art on the Net 2000" are; 

Shiroyasu Suzuki/Japan 
Professor at Tama Art University, poet and visual artist. 

Bernie Roehl/Canada 
Senior Software Developer at the Department of Electrical & 
Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo. VRML expert. 

Ingo Gunther/USA
Artist working in multi-fields, including video art and installation. 

Olga Shishko/Russia 
Critic and curator of media art. 

Tetsuo Kogawa/Japan *Director for the "Art on the Net"
Media critic, Professor of Communications at Tokyo Keizai University. 

Announcements regarding the exhibition, evaluation and exhibition 
of works will be done via the Internet as usual. The deadline 
for entries is 30 August 2000. The winners of prizes are scheduled 
to be announced in fall 2000.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

You Minowa, curator
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo

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