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[Nettime-bold] Webcasts 111/112: free form jams

STATION ROSE STRreaming-Fahrplan update :

                 dear Gunafa Netizen,

here we are again in our cockpits, ready to announce a next round of free
form jam sessions-
following these very intense summer slams last week with the 2 austrian
mediatheorists Dr. Stefan Weber & Dr. Thomas Feuerstein. (Just for your
information - we are in the production of a new book right now, our second
one - where we shall feature/remix/sample the best of the
conversations/slams that have happened so far at The
book will be german/english and will be released this  autumn.)

To have a break in between so much theory-
join us with the next 2 webcasts -where SOUNDZ & VISUALS shall RULE!
- Words taboo this time.

NetSTReams - Webcast 111 & 112 at <>

---> Webcast 111, THU/15.6.00, 9pm CET:   free form summerjam1

---> Webcast 112, FRI/16.6.00, 9pm CET:    free form summerjam2


Station Rose Info:
 STReaming a la Station Rose, started in January 1999, blends performance,
lecture (STR in conversation with guests in the studio) and multimedia jam
sessions into a unique form of Net Art. 108 webcasts have taken place so
far. Main topics in the program of Station Rose webcasts are live-sessions
in realtime, where sounds&visuals are streamed from the studio into the
net. Acoustic highlights during this session are published on vinyl:
"live@home3", incl. remix by Move D to be released 22.6/00. label: gunafa,
distribution: neuton. Cooperations with Crippled Dick Hot Wax, berlin &
International Deejay Gigolo Records, munich, as well as Move D/source

 The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the live-dates can be found at

                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"

stay with us
             station rose   6-2000

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