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[Nettime-bold] JMM - New Issue and Call for Papers

Dear colleagues

We would like to announce the Spring-Issue of
the JMM - The International Journal on Media
Management, available in Paper and Online-
Version (

The articles:

   Enrique Dans: Internet Newspapers: Are some
   more equal than others?
   Frank Habann: Management of Core Resources:
   The case of media enterprises.
   Margherita Pagani: Interactive Television:
   A model of analysis of business economic
   Hugh Carter Donahue, Cory Allen, Elena Larsen:
   The Resolution of Digital Television: How
   HDTV and Must-Carry are hindering the return
   of the analog television spectrum.
   Markus Will: Why communications management?

You are invited to visit our website at, which will provide
full coverage of the Journal?s in-depth reporting
on current developments as well as the latest
trends in the new research field of media

Currently we are in the process of preparing Issue
No. 3, (autumn 2000) of the JMM.

Deadline for paper-submission: August, 20. 2000

JMM focuses on the rich array of media related
issues brought about by rapid technological
developments in the media and communications
industries. Thus, we would like to remind you
that contributions are coming due.

The planned focus theme for the autumn issue
is related to legal issues of media management.

Additionally to this, the journal observes the
following issues closely:

  Strategic, managerial and organisational aspects
   of the media sector and the media industry

  Economics of traditional and new media in general

  evolution of the media industry and media industry

  technology, infrastructure, user behavior related
   to the changings in the media sector

  effects of new media on economy, society, politics,
   law and culture

Our goal is a close analysis of new industry structures,
organisational forms and critical competencies
developing as a result of reconfigurations in the
media value chain. We want to bring together academics
and industry figures to explore the transition from
>classic< to >new< media and identify the factors, which
will determine organizational success and economic
efforts in a fast changing and converging environment.

We are interested in receiving your submission to the
JMM. Articles which deal with one of the above issues
are more than welcome.

Please submit your paper to:

Please pass this message on to colleagues who may
also be interested.


Dörte Wittig
Executive Editor

JMM - The International Journal on Media Management
NetAcademy on Media Management

Editors: Beat F. Schmid, Peter Gomez, Peter Glotz
Executive Editor: Dörte Wittig

Editorial Office:
mcm - Institute for Media and Communications Management
University of St. Gallen / Switzerland
Müller-Friedberg-Str. 8
CH - 9000 St. Gallen

Phone:    +41 71 224 34 28
Fax:      +41 71 224 27 71

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