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[Nettime-bold] francis presents: Jacek Staniszewski on


The first time I've met Jacek was October 1997 in Dessau. That time he
presented his project
NEUROBOT at the OSTRANENIE-Festival. Since that time we've been in
contact by email
and inbetween a lot of inspiring face2face-meetings. Jaceks' interest
reaches from all kind of
crazy, maniac topics (e.g. conspiracy, psychoacustic) to contemporary,
experimental electronic

This year Jacek and his neurobotfriend Dominik Kowalski have produced a
"C9H13O3N" featuring the most newest experimental music from Poland.
"C9H13O3N" refers
to the concept of  Polycephal a chemical near to the more known

During my last stay in Warszawa I've recorded a 45 minute-session plaid
by Jacek Staniszewski
and also made an interview with him. Together with the "C9H13O3N"-CD
I'll present this on

THURSDAY 15.06.00 1800 CET

So You are invited to listen the REALAUDIO-stream and to have a chat,
which can also be
accessed via the website. later You'll find the file in the

best greetings


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