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[Nettime-bold] Roshini Kempadoo - Virtual Exiles

New Media Scotland and Street Level Photoworks present:

Roshini Kempadoo   -   Virtual Exiles

20 June to 22 July 2000, Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow

'Virtual Exiles becomes a collective way of telling stories, of digitally
contributing our own version of what it means to step between two spaces at
once. Two cultures, two senses of belonging, two countries we are familiar
with. To visually describe this difference becomes an important inscription
to everyday encounters and our writing of the past ......' David Dabydeen:
Author, poet, and lecturer in Caribbean Studies.

Roshini Kempadoo's digital images and web site explore the experiences of
individuals who have left their country of origin and who are now at 'home'
in another. The reason and experience of having left a homeland always
varies, but what doesn't is the relation to the host country - those who
have migrated are nearly always considered to be 'outsiders' or
'foreigners'. The work was created by Kempadoo while investigating her own
status as refugee/exile/expatriate/emigre in relation to her own country of
birth England and her country of origin and upbringing, Guyana.

The interactive website is an ongoing curated internet show where
individuals and groups are encouraged to contribute their own artwork,
whether sound, video, images or text. Visitors are invited to relate their
own experiences of being 'settled' and 'rooted' within one culture and yet
having a deep sense of belonging with another. The exhibition prints are
digitally manipulated images produced using a combination of Kempadoo's
contemporary material, and specific historical collections from the Pitt
Rivers Museum, Oxford; Royal Anthropological Institute, London; Museum voor
Volkenkunde, Rotterdam; material drawn from private and official archives
in Guyana.

Virtual Exiles is a partnership between New Media Scotland, Street Level
Photoworks, ARTEC, Watermans Arts Centre, Impressions Gallery, Napier
University and Lighthouse Media Centre. Additional funding from the Arts
Council of England's New Media Projects Fund and the Scottish Arts Council
National Lottery Fund.

Workshops with young people

As part of the exhibition at Street Level a group of young people from
across Glasgow will be working with digital artist Lindsay Perth in a
series of workshops with a multi-cultural focus. Drawing upon and
describing the participants own experiences and family histories, they will
create interactive web pages related to the theme of the exhibition. The
results will remain on both the 'Virtual Exiles' web site:

For further information, please contact:

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Glasgow	G1 5YP                          Glasgow	G1 5QP

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