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[Nettime-bold] Disaster Recovery Planning #5C62

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning has now 
been made easier than ever with Version 7.3 of the 
Disaster Recovery System (DRS) product.  DRS provides a 
plan for inaccessibility or inoperability (a disaster situation).  

DRS is an industry standard software product, used by thousands 
worldwide.  DRS users are in large and small companies across 
a wide variety of industries. 

DRS conforms to federal regulations and meets insurance, auditing 
and legal requirements.  DRS runs under Windows, with stand-alone 
and network versions available.  DRS provides the most complete, 
easy-to-use product available today.

To prove its value, a free trial is available.  For more 
information, visit our web site at <>.   
Dealer and distributor inquiries are welcomed

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