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For immediate release:

June 12th through August 5th

Hard Copy is an exhibition and panel discussion of
network artists who were asked to provide their
interpretation of “hard copies” of their internet
based art.

The Hard Copies will be on display at the
office/gallery from June 12th through August 5th. 
Artists contributing to the show are: ®™ARK
(, associationAPSOLUTNO
(, Kora Juenger (,, South to the Future
( and Norwood Funk Labs

“The concept of the show is twofold,” explains Sean
Fletcher, a current resident of the office/gallery. 
“First it is a challenge to compete with the
frequently neutral ‘wall-paper’ art which is
acceptable in the corporate workplace.  Second, we
hoped to turn the inundation of advertising by
corporations for their internet presence inside out by
somehow advertising ‘art on the internet’ to a captive
corporate audience.”

The office/gallery also sponsors bi-monthly events in
its newly renovated 18th floor “training room”.
Patrons to the office/gallery are encouraged to
inquire about the upcoming HARD COPY panel discussion
in mid-July that will focus on the impact of
corporations and private funding on contemporary art.

The office/gallery is a “by appointment only” location
operated covertly in the San Francisco offices of a
national Life Insurance and Financial Services
corporation.  The office/gallery is currently in its
6th month of operations.

There will be a special opening to the public on June
22nd after 6:30pm and before 8:00pm.  Please call
(415) 733-6574 for more information and availability
before visiting the office/gallery at 111 Sutter
Street on the 17th floor.  Email the office/gallery at or visit the website at  

Sean Fletcher, resident of the office/gallery
check out our website at:
fax/vmail:  (801) 218-1913     direct:  (415) 733-6574
The office/gallery is a by appointment only location for work by contemporary artists operated covertly in the San Francisco offices of a National Insurance and Securities firm.

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