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[Nettime-bold] ANAT announce: Under Construction...

The Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT) announce
Under Construction

The final event in our series of public presentations emanating from
** Alchemy **
International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators
in partnership with
Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the Live Arts, Queensland,
Australia, May/June 2000
and live on the internet at

Over the last six weeks, ANAT and participants of the project 
Alchemy: International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators 
have been in residence at the Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the 
Live Arts.  Since 8 May over sixty artists, curators, theorists and 
technical wizards have transformed the Courier Mail rooftop terrace 
and various other (expected and unexpected) spaces throughout the 
Powerhouse venue into an intensive learning environment.

To culturally contextualise the project, satellite events - combining 
fora with open days - have been held, to give the public and media an 
opportunity to view the work-in-progress produced by participants.

Join us for an evening of unexpected alchemic outcomes at

***Under Construction***

Thursday 8 June, 2000
7 - 9 pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the Live Arts
117 Lamington Street
New Farm, Brisbane, Qld

You are welcome to join the artists for drinks and informal discussions at the
Brisbane Powerhouse bar afterwards!

as with previous events

** some components of this event will be streamed live to the web **
** and we will be running a chat room for remote observers **


This evening will be a mix of works in progress and unexpected 
outcomes.  Part game, part performance but mostly experiments and 
works in progress from participants who have been acquiring new 
skills, brainstorming new ideas and developing new forms of 
collaboration throughout the project.

During the Alchemy masterclass, all participants have been provided 
with 24 hour access to a lab., exhibition / installation, performance 
space and workrooms in the exciting new Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre 
for the Live Arts <>.  During this 
week - the fifth week of the project, the focus has been on 
performance and hybrid practices.  Filmmakers, performers, artists 
and creators from a range of disciplines have been exchanging ideas 
and experience and developing new forms of collaboration.

This project has been about experimentation and exploration rather 
than production, so outcomes will be about sound grabs, info bytes 
and interrupted ideas, so come expecting the unexpected!

Tutors for the project this final week of the project are:

* Tess de Quincy and Laura Jordon, respectively performance artist 
and new media artists.  Tess and Laura have collaborated on 
performance and research events including Triple Alice, an ongoing 
project over three years which seeks to provide a space for cross 
disciplinary research and development;

* Blast Theory is a group of four artists based in London (two of 
whom are currently in Brisbane) who make theatre, installations and 
new media work.  The  group's recent work includes 10 Backwards, 
Kidnap and Desert Rain.  In Kidnap (1998) the group ran a lottery in 
which the first two prizes was to be kidnapped and held at a secret 
location for two days whilst under constant observation by a web cam. 
Desert Rain (1999) is a collaboration with the University of 
Nottingham's Computer Research Group.  The project is a game, a 
performance and an installation in which 6 visitors collaborate to 
find a target in a virtual world.  "Currently the most innovative 
multimedia group in British theatre" Theater Der Zeit

Participants currently at the Masterclass are:

Bruce Gladwin (Vic), Christiawan (Indonesia), Grisha Coleman (NY),
Jane Schneider (Qld), Kamal Krishna (Qld), Keith Armstrong (Qld),
Kelli Mccluskey (WA), Mari Velonaki (NSW), Clare McGrogan (Qld), Mike
Stubbs (UK), Monica Narula (India), Peter Toy (WA), Raewyn Turner
(NZ), Rebecca Youdell (Qld), Rolando Ramos (NSW), Sam James (NSW),
Sarah Neville (SA), Sophea Lerner (NSW), Steve Bull (WA), Vanessa
Mafe-Kean (Qld).

Other artists who have been participating in the project over 
previous weeks may also be participating remotely!  A full list of 
participants and tutors is available on the Alchemy website!

For additional information, visit
or contact Amanda McDonald Crowley on 0419 829 313 or at

Alchemy is made possible with the generous financial assistance of 
the Daniel Langlois Foundation the Young and Emerging Artists 
Initiative (an initiative of the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia 
Council), the federal government's arts funding and advisory body) 
the Australian Film Commission, and has received further support from 
Arts Queensland, the South Australian Government through Arts SA, 
Arts Tasmania and the NSW Ministry for the Arts.
The event is being sponsored by Apple Computers (Australia), Choice 
Macromedia and Adobe Systems Pty Ltd and has been supported by the 
Queensland University of Technology.

postal address: PO Box 8029, Station Arcade, Adelaide, SA, 5000, Australia
web address:
ph:  +61 (0)8-8231-9037
fax:   +61 (0)8-8211-7323

Director:  Amanda McDonald Crowley (mobile: 0419 829 313)
Manager: Amber Carvan
Web & Technical officer: Michael Shanahan
Information Officer: Charity Bramwell

Memberships: $A12 (unwaged), $A25 (waged), $A50 (institutions)
Please note that memberships are subject to GST.

ANAT receives support from The Australia Council,
the Federal Government's arts funding and advisory body

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