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Join us for the <> Season Finale!

Matthew Fuller and Simon Pope present:

Technical Innovation = Class War

May 10 at 8 PM at The Museum of Contemporary Art
250 South Grand Ave, Los Angeles
The lecture is free and open to all.

Matthew Fuller and Simon Pope are part of the artists' group I/O/D, 
formed in 1994. Initially a multimedia publication, their work took a 
skeptical and exploratory view of the conventions of interface 
design, leading to the production of the alternative browser "The Web 
Stalker" available at Over 500,000 copies of 
this critical and practical software have been distributed worldwide. 
A current project, "Into the Web" is a software installation 
commissioned by the architect Zaha Hadid, for the Millennium Dome in 
Greenwich, London.

Matthew Fuller is the editor of "Flyposter Frenzy, Posters from the 
Anticopyright Network", "Unnatural; Techno-theory for a Contaminated 
Culture" and co-editor of the Nettime anthology "README! ASCII 
Culture and the Revenge of Knowledge".  He regularly collaborates 
with  Mongrel ( Shake Editions 
( have just published his novel, 
"ATM". His research is currently focusing on a social and cultural 
analysis of software and includes a deconstruction of Microsoft Word.

Simon Pope's handbook "London Walking" will be published by Ellipsis 
this Fall. His project "Ice Cream for Everyone" recently appeared at 
the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London 
( He is a lecturer in Business Information 
Systems at University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and producer and 
software developer for BBC Online.

Van rides from Calarts to MOCA are available for the lecture. Meet in 
Room A116 before 6:30 PM. Space is limited.
<> is a collaborative effort between the CalArts Programs in
Photography in the School of Art, Integrated Media and MOCA.

For further information please call 661-291-3064, write to or visit our website.

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