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[Nettime-bold] Back to Nowhere

What is the relationship between Open Source and the Arts & Craft Movement?

This paper looks to the future predicted by William Morris in News From
Nowhere, in which the 21st century heralds with a revival of medieval
craftsmanship. It nominates the Open Source movement (Linux operating
system) as an emerging custodian of the reforming spirit that once animated
the Arts & Crafts movement. It then considers the implications of this for
traditional crafts, looking particularly at the collaborative work by
contemporary Australian practitioners—Sharon Boggon, Susan Cohn and Barbara

Go back again, now you have seen us, and your outward eyes have learned that
in spite of all the infallible maxims of your day there is yet a time of
rest in store for the world, when mastery has changed into fellowship—but
not before… Go back and be the happier for having seen us, for having added
a little hope to your struggle. (Morris, W., 1984 (1890): 288)

Back to nowhere
Craft and the Open Source movement

Full version of this paper is at


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