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[Nettime-bold] Re: ((Essay)) Cyberculture in the Age of Dotcom.mania

Greetings Nettimers,

((Here is a response received by one of the colleagues of "McLuhan-L
Lists" to the writing of Geert Lovink, that I have forwarded to  "The
Herbert Marshall McLuhan Foundation" mailing lists. --Arun))

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Subject: Re: ((Essay)) Cyberculture in the Age of Dotcom.mania

At 11:07 am -0300 23/4/00, Arun-Kumar Tripathi wrote:
>Greetings McLuhan-L Worlds,
>((With best wishes, following article regarding Cyberculture -written
>by Geert Lovink is forwarded via Nettime Lists..thought, might interest
>you. Thank you. --Arun))
>Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 16:25:55 +1000
>From: geert lovink <>
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>Subject: <nettime> Cyberculture in the Age of Dotcom.mania
>Cyberculture in the Age of Dotcom.mania
>A Vista over Internet Strategies
>By Geert Lovink
>The early, mythological phase of digital culture is now rapidly running
>out of its utopian energies.

when i found wired magazine
i went to my room & read in louded voice
enjoin every word of school's out (parelmans)
& read each page for month.

it was in may 1993
certainly i subscribe inmediatly
(i think i was the first done it from america latina=
i was drunk with the utopian energies of first issue of wired.

well, now i'm still with wired magazine
but i lost interest maybe because
i didn't received any issue from november 99
& they don't care.

this people from wired magazine (the current people)
are indiffrent to my complains

the other people (the rossetto team)
they never leave me without a issue
they are change my life & they know-

those of today are far of any utopian point of view-
they are his enemys...

ps; i think they must to resign the use
of mcluhan's patron saint image & words.
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