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[Nettime-bold] Second CFP: Reassessing the Virtual University

>Call for Proposals: Papers, Panels, and Roundtables for:
>Learning 2000: Reassessing the Virtual University
>Submission system:
>September 27-30, 2000
>Hotel Roanoke
>Roanoke Virginia
>Drawing upon six years of experience, the College of Arts and Sciences at 
>Virginia Tech will
>continue the serious, sustained, and on-going debate about the merits of 
>online teaching and
>distance education launched at "Learning Online '98" in June 1998 with 
>"Learning 2000:
>Reassessing the Virtual University."
>The purpose of this conference is to gather colleagues from around the 
>world who are interested
>in the shape and substance that the virtual university is acquiring in 
>practice. In addition we hope
>to debate the advantages or disadvantages of digital discourse, learning 
>online, and virtual
>university life. By reviewing the quality of faculty life, the pressures 
>on support staff, the impact
>on student learning, the demands on university administrators, and the 
>potentials for reaching
>new types of learners, a series of paper sessions, round-table 
>discussions, panels, and keynote
>speakers will address the wide range of issues that emerge in this domain.
>Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
>      Carole Barone, Educause
>      Keith Fulton, Urban League
>      Katherine Hayles, Professor of English at University of California 
> Los Angeles
>      Michael Joyce, Professor of English at Vassar College
>      Stuart Moulthrop, Associate Professor of Communications at the 
> University of
>      Baltimore
>      Mark Poster, Professor of History at University of California Irvine
>Some Suggested Topics:
>      Administering Online Universities
>      Best Practices in Online Learning
>      Digital Discourse/Cyberculture
>      For Profit and Not For Profit Virtual Universities
>      Hypertext/Hypermedia
>      Intellectual Property and Online Learning
>      Legalities and Illegalities Online
>      Meanings of and Motives for Virtualizing University Education
>      Online Learning Environments: Creating Communities
>      Scholarship and the Teaching Profession Online
>      What Fails Online and Why?
>If you have questions about the conference contact Len Hatfield at 
> or Tim
>Luke at

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