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[Nettime-bold] A Paper/Report:The Nature Of The Datableede [11 hourtranslation allowance]

_Datableeding: An Electroduction_

Once up/down/on/under a time, /me wrote a letter to the stars. This letter
contained all the available data on TTT (Textual Time Travel). TTT is a
product of that elusive new mind set, the time machined/mezangelled way of
thinking, producing, manifesting.

/me had to stop for a second (just a second!).

[Clue insert: some of the square bracket sets are backward. Phonetics are
employed. Spaces are created. Realign your constructs. Flow and spark and

[Meaning code: this dialogue is riddled, troubled; no multilogues exist
here to assist it, make it a true network log or decipherable text. Try and
muddle on, anyway. N means "and", or "in". "r" means "and" or "are", etc.
Reading out-loud may help validate the phonetic allusions. Posthoc
reasoning will not help comprehension. Read that first paragraph again.]

/me waits, wanting the nodes to catch on/up, comprehending nothing,
regurgitating everything (please).

_Datableeding: Methodology_

/me had thoughts uncoded by the sanctity of the network. The sanctity was
profound, the data-traffic lost. The rhythm broken. How to convince the
nodes of their existence/resistance?

[Clue insert: you, dear co-author and reader, are the nodepoint. The point
in the fluid. The point that flows between, behind, before....comprehension

[Meaning code: as the web grows more neural-like, more
animated/integrated/dense, the less interactive it is able to become; a
node/viewer is forced to respond with proscribed reactions; flickers of the
swarmic genuine embed within the directional, the unilateral. Where is the
lateral courage/encouragment? Stigmata reactions should assist where
appropriate. Datableed comes from this staccato, moving through the neural
in waves, swarming into active channels, critically hitting inactive
potentials. It is small, a miniscule infoalert. Incremental. Translating
easily when decoded. A node datadigest pill. Repeated exposure increases
incidental learning, facilitating absorption. Read the posts again, once
from this list, twice from another. It won't hurt.]

_Datableeding: Results_

/me flips, again. Rejoicing in the ebb. /me swarms action as time,
datacondensing around the pulse point. Converge/diverge, constrict/expand;
the data moves, a-live. 

[No clue insert: the nodes must decide.]

[Meaning code: a freeforming idea that can get stuck, this lateral sliding
into play.  Are you starting to assign your phrases to square brackets? Go
on, read it again. It's all there, isn't it? Just as you pepper your
thoughts and verbal sentence strings with tangents, memories, the future -
so the datableeds into itself, breaking down the linear, the expected - you
start to switch to valvular conceptions of data absorption. Time fractions
are meaningless. So are resolute traditional meaning cues.]
_Datableeding: Discussion_

/me constructs a code, made from a chat-constructed interface, the main
character is titled "/me". "/me" only exists when on-line, and is covered
in sponsorship logos that are text-lasered on or off with a neuralnet gun.
Action lines determine the narrative.

[Clue insert: lick yourself a ball of organobiotic glue, drenched with
human genome sequences and mechanised DNA tendrils. Inject sponsorship
pixels through a binary needle. Mold a pet virus, designed 2 expel annoying
prototypologees and shifting character/floating nuances. Will you be happy

[Meaning code: if narrative is essential to comprehension, then TTT is not
for you. Turn reading "off" and filter "on". if, on the other hand, you
enjoy dream sequences/sequentials, reverse the last.]

data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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