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Re: [Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> A16 digest

Yeah ... Looks like Mackenzie has suddenly sorted out what's left and what's right; the binary politics of reaction that he was recently eschewing so whole-heartedly. And look: critique with it! Or is that criticism? Or is it just ad hominem slur? Hard to tell.

But what I find surprising is that he cites the Euro-Fascist right as the culprits. Other than in a few small pockets, most of which are already severely marginalised, Europe is run by Third Way politicians; centre-left parties, social democrats: the kind Mackenzie is so fond of.

As a free-trade advocate, Mackenzie takes a step even further to the right. Neo-classical free-traders are on the right, aren't they? They always used to be. Incidentally, unbridled free trade, competition, etc etc has *always* led to massive wars, from Hannibal onwards, through Carthage and right up to the Gulf War. Work it out. If you're for unbridled free trade, you're also for total war, at least that what history suggests (to put it in the simplistic terms that are currently in fashion).

Name that tune: the "New Left" neo-liberal, neo-classical mantra of economic confusion, commonly mouthed by acolytes, ideologues, and Labor Party aspirants.

Phil Graham

At 02:50 AM 21/04/00 -0400, t byfield wrote: (Fri 04/21/00 at 12:12 PM +1000):

> <...> The anti-trade left are really just singing the tune of the
> Buchananite and Euro-fascist right on this score.

so whose tune are you 'really' singing then? i know i've
heard it somewhere before.


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