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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Hand over that media! Now!

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On Tue, 18 April 2000, hromlegn kainn wrote:

> Pamphlet for a new and cultural resistent art by a resistant culture: Hand
> over that media! Now!
> Century +1.
> After the desillusion of the discourse that never-ended, the dialog that
> never-existed , and the history that never-started , the postmodernists
> slowly faded away in the millennium bug that never-happened. So, done and
> over with the nineties, 2000 is like starting civilisation in the desert
> amidst the carcasses of a bovine culture: yes, ill-literacy is everywhere. 
> That means that the happy haydays of netart, media-art, net-activism and
> web-art, are over. If there ever was a hope that new artists and
> media-activists would mix, mingle and create a new context, build a new
> infrastructure for a new kind of future art, it is certainly forgotten and
> abandoned now. Push that escape button to get elsewhere, quick. 
> So much.
> So much for the individual original web-media-artist-activist, who happily
> continues to compromise him/herself with setting up high-art competitions,
> living from official grants to talk and have a jet-kick in global
> abundance. More and more, formerly alternative and virtual networks are
> taking part in officially supported initiatives set up by universities,
> governments and super-governmental organisms. The danger of "subsumption" 
> is immanent: any part taking into the former and ineffective structures,
> will be punished by loss of memory, identity, and bodyweight. Voila! 
> The stop-start.
> So, we should stop looking at the past for anything else than the past,
> and we should stop looking for explosives since no one ever hotwired
> anything.  Next to selling the future in reverse, and giving webart to the
> museums, webinstruction to the schools, there are more urgent things to
> handle. We should turn over current power and skills to totally 'informal'
> organisations. Back to the young and inexperienced, back to the noise -
> digital noise - and let it develop by itself. No involvement by the
> ministries of culture, education, family, playground, television,
> computers, internet, whatever... Give it a chance, start! Even if it all
> ends in "outcome uncertain", stay tuned for the blank screen, the
> silence.ra, the failure:hooray! And know that there are worse things to
> come. 
> [, 2001-1]
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