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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> NameSpace ( banned from mail delivery

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Subject: <nettime> NameSpace ( banned from mail delivery

> [I discovered this yesterday (monday) after trying to send a mail to
> a friend (his actual mail-address is at Humboldt University Berlin,
> obviously subscribed to this mail-abuse-"service

As an admin of a system i subscribe to this "service"; it is not a
"service" its a SERVICE and one I'm damned lucky to subscribe to.

SPAM, and mail system abuse in general, exists because ADMINS ALLOW IT TO.
As long as admins allow their systems to take mail from any address and
forward it to any other, unverified, then they are supporting mail abuse.
The RBL is fantastic! This simple system means dozens of bits of SPAM mail
never make it onto my system in the first place. If namespace can't
configure its systems securely, that's not the RBLs fault. Its *trivial* to
achieve, especially for sendmail sites (just upgrade to the latest
version). Note that most of the major MTA software authors actively support

Everyone worries about security, but noone wants to take active measures
about it. Pffffft! You can let your mail system be abused, but I don't want
to receive mail packets from such insecure systems. That's my choice as an
admin. Frankly, it should be in the RFC!!!


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