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[Nettime-bold] Re: Please komPost

>Dear 'Green' Friends:


>We are a non-profit group called PLANETWORK. We are sponsoring a 
>conference that explores how information technology can support global 
>ecology initiatives. The following is a short explanation of our 
>project and a URL for more information. We would greatly appreciate it 
>if you would post this to your members, or display it at your facility. 
>If you know other groups who might be interested in this conference, 
>would you mind forwarding this message to them as well?

ja. = ud m9nd ter!bl!.
= open source = ekolog!kl d!zaztr

>Thanks you for your support,
>Cate Gable
>Marketing and PR Director
>for The PLANETWORK Conference
>Global Ecology and Information Technology
>Cate Gable

= ma! b dez!rabl up.dat!ng++ ur Presid!ng m9nd konta!nr


erad!kat all art!f!z!al konglomeratz

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