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[Nettime-bold] Ravi Sundram lectures @ De Balie (Amsterdam) & via the net -Thursday April 20th


Ravi Sundrama lectures @ De Balie, Amsterdam & live via

Wonderland 2000 #5

Ravi Sundaram (SARAI - New Delhi)

"Recycled Modernity, or the hidden abodes of Computer culture(s) in India"

De Balie - Grote Zaal,
Thursday April 20th, 2000
Aanvang: 20.00 uur

This presentation takes a look at the fuzzy world of gray electronic
culture, which has transformed the meaning of everday life in contemporary
India. Consider this: in contrast to the West, informal networks and
players dominate electronic daily life in South Asia, neighbourhood cable,
internet booths and grey market computers dominate the market.

 We cab argue that a recyled or a 'pirate electronic modernity" has emerged
in India's cities, largely non-legal and often outside the domain of the
old state. Within the country, the everyday form of this electronic culture
often draws in those social groups excluded from the old hegemonic social
coalition. Further, this recyled culture has developed a historically
specific investment in modernity, as well as the global, yet through its
practice often breaks modernity's rules.

This is a world that is magical and dispersed, but on its own terms, often
making a muddle of Western (and Indian) radical solutions.

Ravi Sundaram is a Fellow of the  Centre for the Study of Developing
Societies in Delhi and the Joint Director of the Sarai, the New Media
Initiative ( ).

Ravi Sundaram is researching issues of urban cultures in India in the
context of the decline of the rural imaginary of old-style nationalism, and
the rise of new urban cultures of conflict, violence and increased access
to a global modernity.

Specifically, Ravi Sundaram's work looks at the cohering of a new
electronic culture in South Asia (television, mass music culture and the
new computer culture) and the changing urban spaces in India from the 1980s

He has spoken and written extensively on these issues in India and the rest
of the world.

This program can also be followed live via the Internet (in co-operation
with the Digital City Amsterdam - DDS):



* SARAI - a new centre for networkd and urban culture in New Delhi:

* Complete text - "Asian Futures...."

* Interview for  Telepolis (by Geert Lovink) "About the Brazilianization of

* Article in Mute - Critical information Services (London) - "The
Nineteenth Century and the Future of Technocultures in India":

* A few lectures on-line:

Admission: DFL 12,50 (DFL 10,00 CJP/CKV/PAS 65/Stadspas/Collegekaart).
Reserve by telephone: 020 - 55 35 100.
Ma t/m do van 14.00 - 20.00 uur, vr van 14.00 - 21.30 uur en za van 17.00 -
21.30 uur.
Opening hours kassa: ma t/m do van 17.00 - 20.30 uur, vr en za van 17.00 -
22.00 u.

De Balie,  Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10,  Amsterdam
Information: +31.20 - 553 51 51

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