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[Nettime-bold] Re: barneys, etoy and the worker

>"hans_extrem netCALLBOY" wrote:
>etoy has been a long before dot.coms
>existed the way you describe them;

no art responds:
true... good point and through this i can better understand the vital 
aspects of etoy.  i think what i question is the length of the etoy 
"exposure".  at this point in (etoy)time i argue that the vitality of such a 
project is waning.  the prolonged "exposure" results in a cultural blanking 
or erasure just as the global economy autonomously and quite successfully 
continues to achieve at this point.  what is the value of the simulation 
when the end result is etoy=etoys?

>otherwise your judgement seems to fit...
>specially from the etoy.VIEWPOINT; ... the art-
>label was tagged onto etoy from the industry
>driven ars electronica and the rest of the art.
>pack... which helped etoy.. we were able to

my previous post was not judgment but more of a probe in furthering and 
understanding "artworks" like etoy who consciously employ techniques 
skirting all around simulation.  my premise is that etoy has now been 
"located" exactly.  what was once a convoluted series of "intermittent 
exposures" functioning along the borders of transgressive... now has become 
something of an institution albeit an artist or culturally subversive 
institution.  this late stage of the work presents a huge binary situation 
which can easily be culturally categorized, incorporated, filed away and/or 
used as an impetus and battery for strength of opposition i.e., the 
stupidity of the lawsuit situation.

>our intention was to rule the world in terms
>of digital lifestyle and to be test-pilots on
>the edge of reality as we know it...

at times successfully though the world is becoming smaller and the 
auto-generative natures of the "spectacle" or global hegemony are difficult 
to define yourselves in such specificity against.

>so now.. it is prepared and ready for the
>art-establishment, history...;

maybe this is an attempt to secure your last vestiges of cultural capital?  
and if so at the psychic level possibly you understand the emptiness of the 
continuation of this gesture?


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