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Greetings media artists, net artists and net culturalists at NETTIME-L,

((Hi..following titles are about newly released books in art, film, and is about "Ghost in the Shell" and other is about
"Suspensions of Perception" and the last is talking about "Talking
Visions" --magnificent collections at MIT. Please visit the MIT Press site
at: <> to know more about the publications..Thank most sincere thanks and courtesy to Jud Wolfskill. --Arun))

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 20:37:38 GMT
From: "Art, Photo and Film Editorial" <>

This message is one of a series of periodic mailings about newly released
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"Ghost in the Shell"
Photography and the Human Soul, 1850-2000
Robert A. Sobieszek

"Ghost in the Shell" takes as its premise the idea that the outer person
is a reflection of the inner. Tracing the modern photographic portrait
over the past 150 years, the book reveals the many ways the photographic
arts have investigated, represented, interpreted, and subverted the human
face and, consequently, the human spirit. 
11 x 11, 336 pp., 240 illus., 90 color
paper ISBN 0-262-69228-7, cloth ISBN 0-262-19425-2

Suspensions of Perception
Attention, Spectacle, and Modern Culture
Jonathan Crary

Suspensions of Perception is a historical study of human attention and
its volatile role in modern Western culture. It argues that the ways in
which we intently look at or listen to anything result from crucial
changes in the nature of perception that can be traced back to the second
half of the nineteenth century.
7 x 9, 340 pp., 86 illus., cloth ISBN 0-262-03265-1
An October Book

Talking Visions
Multicultural Feminism in a Transnational Age
Ella Shohat, editor

This multivoiced collection of essays and images presents the
perspectives of activists, scholars, artists, and curators from a broad
range of constituencies. Challenging traditional disciplinary and
cultural boundaries, the book moves beyond any unified feminist
historical narrative to present a "relational" feminism of diverse
communities, affiliations, and practices. 
7 x 9, 566 pp., 66 illus., cloth ISBN 0-262-19426-0

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