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Net Art Guide

As artists engaged in the field of Net art we would like to invite you to
publish your work at no cost in the Fraunhofer Society's Net Art Guide.

The Fraunhofer Society's E-Business Innovation Center publishes a Net Art
Guide which documents artists and projects on the Internet. 

The Fraunhofer Society is the leading organisation for applied research in
Germany and aims to promote public awareness of online art with its Net Art
Guide. This guide also offers you the opportunity of reaching a wider circle
of art aficionados for your projects.
The Net Art Guide is entirely non-commercial and publishes a free catalogue.

The Net Art Guide will be appear on the Internet and in print in both
English and German and should, as far as possible, reflect the very latest
state of play. The idea is to make art on the Internet better known and
easier to find. 

The aim of the Guide is to provide an all-inclusive exposť of the diversity
of art forms on the Net and it will not promote a particular type of art but
will document the whole gamut of contemporary art. An important feature of
the Guide will be to provide artists themselves with the opportunity of
talking about their work and providing background information.

All entries in the Guide are free - the only condition attached is that you
send us a completed questionnaire. A returned questionnaire shall be
interpreted as expressing the artist's consent to having screenshots of his
or her pages published in the Net Art Guide. (Size of printed screenshots:
approximately 7 x 5 cm or 12 x 9 cm). Alternatively, you can also send your
own screenshots or other material to the Guide editors. (Screenshots:
600x800 pixels as attachment, format: .jpg , zipped.bmp or .tif). Galley
proofs in PDF format can be sent on request.

The printed version of the Guide will probably appear in the middle of 2000.
Three complementary artist's copies will be sent to all participants.
Further copies will be available on request at cost price plus postage.

The press deadline is: April 28, 2000. Please complete the questionnaire so
that information about you can be published in the Net Art Guide and return
your answers to:

Entries marked * are optional.

First name, surname:
Zip / postal code*:
Year of birth:
Also optional: A portrait photo of the artist (as attachment in .jpg ,
zipped.bmp or .tif format)

1)Vita and artistic development: (max. 100 words)
3)Brief outline of main focus of your work: (max. 100 words)

Describe one or two of your projects
4) Web address:
5) Title:
6) Contents of work, background: (max. 200 words)
7) How has the work been implemented? (HTML, Javascript, Java, etc.):
8) Is the Net art work (or has it been) expanded by a local installation?
(video, installation, etc.):
9) Year of origin:
10) Can the work be viewed on the Internet? Yes/no   If so, is access public
or only with user identification?
11) Can the work be purchased? Yes/no (price?)

Do you know any other Net artists? 
Web addresses:

The editors of the Net Art Guide reserve the right to edit and cut material.

We shall not publish or pass on the following address data in any form
(unless already entered above) - this information will only be used by us
for internal archiving and to make contact if necessary.

First name, surname:
Zip / postal code:


Stefan Federspiel
Email: Stefan.Federspiel@iao.fhg.de
Telephone: +49 (0)711 / 970-2419

Markus Lebender
E-mail:  Markus.Lebender@iao.fhg.de
Telephone: +49 (0)711 / 970-2422 
Fax: +49 (0)711 / 970-2401

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