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Symposium on the omnipotence of desire.
Surprise yourself without trying to explain why!
Sweet subversion.
Disturbing arrangements of realities.

The CENTRO PERIFERICO INTERNACIONAL of Calanda (C.P.I.) has the pleasure to
invite you for a conference on systematized confusion and workshops devoted
to your adolescent heritage from which your preoccupation with profound
eroticism and a permanent consciousness of death trudge on. Whether you see
them as causes or as effects.

The aim of the workshops is not to analyse neither in a therapeutic nor a
systematic way the works of Luis Bunuel; but to redescribe or even better to
create  complete new metaphysics on the omnipotence of desire and through
this exercise develop your irrational sensibility.
Nowadays it is no longer possible to scandalize people to reveal the
smokescreen for hidden urges, as Bunuel did. Stupidity, masochism,
selfinterest, hypocrisy and sadism set the rule. With disrespect for its own
capacity to live differently and better, even a pillar saint is sitting on
his own excrements. The role of patron saint and guardian angels is taken
over by insurance companies and the paradise is now delivered by Disney. And
above all there is an adoration for all what is new.
Therefore to define a New Devil 100 year after Luis Bunuel was born in
Calanda is the great challenge The Institute for Affordable Lunacy  (IBW)
offers you.
As an extra reward you can freely participate in our sardonic trainings
from Wednesday night till Saturday afternoon.

Date: Monday 17 till Saturday 22 April 2000

For further information see our websites: http://www.periferico.org  or

The IBW too intense for rational thought



IBW (Instituto de Lunatismo Abordable)
CPI (Centro Periferico Internacional)
: demasiado intenso para pensamientos racionales

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