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Re: [Nettime-bold] France - Burn the e-books ?

it's not enough Christine ! back home, FBI director Louis Freeh 
wants to snuff out the encryption-using, drug-dealing, system-
hacking, copyright-infringing, child pornographers who he 
apparently sees as making up 97 percent of net users. BTW I 
can't pass over a small mail Louis sent to me (and strange it 
is cause I don't know this non aristocratic extractee) and I am 
going to read you a few passages of his so jolly missive. All 
is in French cause he says in it he uses only French on the 
internet according to his respect of the "droits de l'homme" 
(and there I don't know why he adds lots of hahaha as he was 
some kind of crazy meiko and ryu, both, but himself alone) and 
also cause French is the best encryption method only dreamt by 
some ethylic comatose drunkards. Now...
"salut mon couillon ! (er it begins with this extremely smart 
introduction but from there i will translate) as God the father 
in the bible i would say, happily, there is at last one Just 
like you teddy in this <nettime> place or I would have roasted 
all the balls and all the ass of the ones that haven't got any, 
hahaha, and (of course except you teddy the just) all are 
rather just a bunch from nice Sodom and Gomorrah, ahaha...",  I 
don't know exactly why he added at the end "by the way my mate, 
tell me why you don't want me to call you simply teddy 
anymore ?" and other cheap whyskard-laden glossolalia as "and 
ask more to your fiend (I guess he wanted to say "friend") why 
I would have to sell all my Microsoft bonds to buy shares of 
Lithuanian quarry of bromide ? and why not immovables in
grosny. is he insane in the head or what ?"

ps: and next time give me the good unreach.com you want I 
atomize teddy, otherwise I could roast your...hahaha

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