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[Nettime-bold] virtual echec et radical mat

Do you believe Us are willing to enlarge Our kingdom[tb] by 
speaking to rhizome and syndicate and 7/11 and Palais Tokyo and 
Olala Paris? Us are just asking for help, and for that you have 
to spend a bit of your time by reading below. First of all, Us 
have to present Ourself : Us, selfsir Teddy Bytown are the 
autoproclaimed king of nettime-bold the unmoderated nettime 
channel. it's a pretty vacant lot I found under my fingers and 
soon I wished to set it free from a multiplexed monster, a kind 
of hideous octopus with rhizoming suction mouth. The fight was 
Homeric, and I would soon have brought down this sticky Cyclops 
when sagwarum, a strange german subject indeed, forwarded Us 
this mail below where we see a last bit of the monster 
revolting itself to himself, maybe by the mere will of 
annihilating him I would destroy this thin hope :

> > From: "geert lovink" <geert@xs4all.nl>
> >To: <nettime-fr@ada.eu.org>
> >
> >dear nettime-fr,
> >
> >excuse moi for writing in english.
> >bla.(snip)/.
> > we are organizing a critical conference in
> >Amsterdam/Frankfurt about the so-called New Economy
> >and are actually looking for radical critiques from
> >France. This is the concept:
> >
> >(adieu, geert)

really no necessity in making so heavy diplomacy with me geert, 
just ask to the king, Us and with simplicity and let your heart 
speak as Lancelot searching for the grail :

you : ho my king !
Us : hum ?
You : excuse moi for speaking in English
Us : encore ! so what ?
You : I know you are making radical critique
Us : of you yes.. it's not a scoop geert, as for ted
You : was it you ??
Us : Us !
You : .
Us : you just deserved it !
You : so much.. as I was looking precisely for radical.
Us : of course the world is well done, impious, so ?
You : from France.. so i would be in France.
Us : well done I said, so infidel you are.
You : ho my radical king could you come in Amsterdam and 
Frankfurt to
kick my ass when I will make my conference ?
Us : hum.
You : I will book the entire Hilton.
Us : could you imagine a radical in Hilton !?
You : pardon Majesté, er I will give you all my part of José 
Us : really Us are wondering if you deserve I kick your ass !!
You : I render also your first teddyBytown@hotmail.com 
pennant . and also
the teddybytown@allergist.com.
Us : was it you ?
You : Yes I confess to your Grandeur I asked Ted Byfield to 
have his
corporate sidekicks to close your hotmail account and also 
allergist one
Us : and your henchmen could do that ?
You : they had the hormonal power our majesty, they order, the 
women run for
dear and swine internet executes. We don't respect anything.
Us : do you renounce your shameful hormonal power ?
You : I abdicate !
Us : how could you abdicate a power coming from your glands, 
You : yes it's because I have to boneset hormonal by hormonal.
Us : I am not sure it was possible, or in making a catharsis 
thing as..
You :. as obliging all nettimer male moderator to take 
nationality ?
Us : what ? and why would you afflict so nice a country ?
You : cauz zen we could shoot down Amer!canz male korporat fasc!
zt on
Us : are you k!dd!ng ?
You : look : did my mother make me such a head for kidding 
Majesté ?
Us : hum. But it's not enough, you have to make a great 
declaration about
I-business and culture and .
You : I would clam I-business is insane. Except of course for 
Us : bromide ?
You : for fighting all the hormonal power in the earth ! I 
swear I will take
a full spoon of it each morning from now. The benefice of the 
bromide will
finance internet.
Us : . (there Us remain without voice)
You : Now Majesté So does it depend on me to make true to go 
head held high
and my ass down to the right of Your royal foot to Frankfurt ?
Us : er, Us need thinking over

Thus was our conversation with this autoproclaim HFA Geert 
Lovink (or Hormonal Fiend Apostate G.L.), so why the question 
is solemn for Us to address you, I have to take your advice 
about non I-business about Lithuania and bromide in general. 
You would be of great help.

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