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[Nettime-bold] Dream Kitchen

Leon Cmielewski and Josephine Starrs

CD ROM Launch
6 - 8 pm Thursday April 6th
Australian Film Commission
150 William St., Woolloomooloo
Sydney, Australia
Free Admission

The shift from dream to nightmare can be as sudden as the transition from
domestic bliss into chaos.  In this interactive  'Dream Kitchen'  players
stumble through leaky borders in the sterile 3D world to find that beneath
the surface runs a parallel interior zone populated with inspirited

Dream Kitchen is a playful CD ROM which contrasts 3D animation with
traditional stop-motion animation techniques. It was shown as an
installation as part of the 'Probe' exhibition in Beijing, China in 1999
and in 'Biomachines' at the recent Adelaide Festival, and will be shown as
part of the Mobius Awards at the Pompidou Centre in May.

Australian Artists Leon Cmielewski and Josephine Starrs' previous
collaborations include: The User Unfriendly Interface, Paranoid Interface,
Fuzzy Love Dating Database and the game patch, Bio-Tek Kitchen.

Produced and developed with the Australian Film Commission and in
co-production with the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada.

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