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>  This development in the USA is interesting in itself, but I think also
has some
>  practical relevence to the discussion on the nature of class taking place
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>  Endorsing the Call for a Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc
>  Recently a number of anarchist groups issued a call for a Revolutionary
>  Anti-Capitalist Bloc for the upcoming "A16" demonstrations against the
>  International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C.  Not restricting
themselves to
>  organizing an anarchist black bloc, these activists extended a hand to
>  autonomists, "anti-state libertarian marxists," anarcho-syndicalists, and
>  council communists to form a common front, organized separately but
acting in
>  concert as a revolutionary and anti-capitalist pole of attraction within
>  larger movement against "globalization."  As adherents of council
>  political perspectives, the publications Collective Action Notes, Red &
>  Notes, and The Bad Days Will End endorse this call issued by our
>  friends.  We do so not as representatives of membership organizations,
and still
>  less as "leaders" of any kind, but rather as individuals who represent
>  publications with modest circulations.
>  The "A16" actions are intended to build on the momentum from last years
>  anti-WTO demonstrations in Seattle.  In the growing resistance to
>  "globalization" and global financial institutions such as the WTO, the
IMF, and
>  the World Bank, some are now heralding the emergence of a "new movement"
>  even a "new anti-capitalism."  These protests certainly demonstrate that
>  globalization is not the inevitable juggernaut that the capitalist bosses
>  bureaucrats say it is.  But the "new anti-capitalism" that was on display
>  Seattle was a mixed bag, containing, it turned out, a lot of the old
>  in the form of the AFL-CIO bureaucracy, the Sierra Club, the National
>  Guild, Ralph Nader and his ilk, and assorted "NGOs."  These elements see
>  movement against globalization simply as a way of putting pressure on the
>  capitalist state to curtail or revamp international financial
institutions or to
>  replace "free trade" with "fair trade."  This reformist perspective
brings with
>  it an ugly nationalist protectionism, where what is needed is
>  international solidarity.  Tensions between some among the reformists and
>  radicals surfaced in Seattle, where "peacekeepers" willingly acted as
>  for the state and its brutal cops in trying to keep radicals "in line." 
As the
>  movement builds for A16 in Washington, so does the need for political
>  clarification.
>  On a whole host of questions, the call for a Revolutionary
Anti-Capitalist Bloc
>  takes the road of class struggle rather than reform.  The call declares
that the
>  reformist message of "fair trade, not free trade" and of "pruning" and
>  global capitalist financial institutions is unacceptable.  The call
rejects the
>  narrowness of "single-issue" organizing and opts instead for a total
>  revolutionary critique of capitalism.  The call repudiates the
protectionism and
>  nationalism that infect much of the anti-globalization movement,
>  instead for the abolition of nations.  The call rejects the participation
in the
>  movement of so-called "peacekeepers" and insists on the right of groups
>  individuals to organize and act autonomously within the larger movement
>  globalization.  All of these things are not only supportable, but are
>  The anarchists call for a Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc is not a
call to
>  split the movement.  It is a call to strengthen and concentrate a
>  pole of attraction within the anti-globalization movement which advances
>  understanding that, to be against globalization, you must be against
>  the state, and the nation.  This opposition necessitates a proletarian
>  perspective:  To be for the working class and for the working class
>  revolutionary self-organization through workers councils.
>  This idea is not the stale "old left" or Leninist dogma in which only the
>  factory proletariat, organized in the trade unions, is allowed to be the
>  subject of history.  Globalization itself has meant the
de-industrialization of
>  large segments of the U.S. workforce.  At the same time, modern
capitalism has
>  made of society as a whole a "social factory" in which we are all
workers.  As
>  the British journal Aufheben wrote in a recent editorial on the J18
>  demonstrations in London, "if we are fighting capital then we must
>  ourselves as the proletariat."  Through this union of the working class
and its
>  essence, we forge the basis of a genuine international unity, which will
one day
>  lay the basis for the abolition of capitalism, wage slavery, and work
>  Its with this perspective in mind that we support the call for a
>  Anti-Capitalist Bloc.
>  Signed,
>  Curtis Price / Collective Action Notes
>  Neil Fettes / Red & Black Notes
>  Ed Caldwell / The Bad Days Will End
>  March 2000
>  Contact addresses:
>  Collective Action Notes
>  POB 22962
>  Baltimore, MD  21203
>  USA
>  <cansv@igc.apc.org>
>  Red & Black Notes
>  PO Box 47643 - 939 Lawrence Ave E
>  Don Mills, ON  M3C 3S7
>  Canada
>  <benn@idirect.com>
>  The Bad Days Will End
>  c/o Merrymount Publications
>  PO Box 441597
>  Somerville, MA  02144
>  USA
>  <bronterre@earthlink.net>
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