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shortkut to m9nd akt!v!t! ncezt paz +?
= any human bagatela = may komput 
the konglomerat nominees = exacting 0+0 change
= may wish to updat dze med!eval
m9nd konta!nr os non +?  bagatela = t!pd

>I was asked to be one of the final judges in the Activism category. I admit
>I was surprised not to find Etoy/Toywar on the list of nominees, but figured
>they were put in a different section. Etoy do describe themselves more as
>artists playing activists (because they were forced to) than activists using
>art. In any case, they certainly participated in one of the major web events
>of the year - however it may be classified.
>The activism category was listed like this:
>These sites use the Internet to exact change. Visit all five nominees and
>cast your vote for the best in The People's Voice Awards!

= regard the people as = regard god as =
= kompliment

>American Civil Liberties Union
>The Action Network
>The Hunger Site
>Protest Net

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